Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Are These Ladies?

My two lovely ladies whom I always refer to as my girls...
They are both from KL....

She is a great writer..
She Loves reading...
She writes furiously in her posts..
When I first read her blog, I thought she was a very serious lady...
Now that I know her better, I'm surprised she is still cheeky...
Who is she.... her name starts with C.....

This cute petite lady has a talent for crafts
Her talented hands has a gift for these art....
Lately she has been approached by The STAR
I am proud of her, her achievement so far...
A young son by the name starting with E
I am sure most of us know her too...


  1. u just cant help blogging even when you are away huh?! hahahaha

  2. who wor...
    donno who lah...
    But I am sure they both are great blogger...

  3. how's ur vacation coming along? =D

  4. I know the answer...haha Cleffairy and Small Kuching lor :p

  5. Could not say..but nevertheless it was very interesting to read.

  6. ahem ahem, i guess i am the only persons who knows the answers,,,hahahah because both of them are like my sisters and dear to me,,,,drum rolll please.....

    1)cleffairy, her son is adrian, her husband,, belum tahu lagi,,,,

    2)second one is Merrlyn,her son is ethan and her darling husband is william and her mistakenly reconized father is me,,hahahah( i didnt say it, others say she looks like my dotter,,)

    can give me present already lah

  7. =.= omg, Mama Claire... you made me blush liao. LOL...

    Ahem... *blush* the second one is Merryn... Eugene's new 'dotter! LOL...

  8. Didn't knew..
    But from others comments came to know that she is Cleffairy.

    You described her good.

  9. Eugene doesnt even know how to spell his daughter's name right! DAD, my name is Merryn lah.. lol.. and hey claire I definitely know the answer to the second question.. It's ME :D You made me blush like Cleffairy too.. now both Cleffairy and me are blushing.haha :P come back lah.. miss you ody.. bila balik nih?? seems like forever ...

  10. I don't know the first one, but I know the second one - it's Merryn!! And her cute son Ethan!! : )

  11. I have no idea Claire haha.
    Merry xmas to you.
    BTW, when are you coming to europe for vacation?

  12. @Merryn... lol...Claire have a way to make ppl blush even when she's not here, huh? Wonder which part of Japan she is now. Probably busy shaking hands with Shin Chan and Chibi Maruko...or maybe Doraemon too... had too much fun til dowan come back d! LOL...

  13. women in their forties have reached their sexual peaks... so if they were not in a committed relationship before then they are more likely to start participating in risky behaviors. its like when men hit a midlife crisis.

  14. @Cleffairy - I think she is soaking naked in the hot water spring! lol..

  15. @Merryn... yalorr... I think so too. Humph! She enjoy life kow kow ah... dono got hooked to some Japanese hunk anot! Like dowan come back nia!


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