Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who AreThey From The East?

From KL , I will fly to East Malaysia..

His name is A.W.
He is a handsome man from the look of his pics he posted in his blog
Lately he posted a naked pose of himself... (ahh...that got u all interested, right?)
He came over to visit me and Ivan recently... taking along his family and a charming lady M with him....
Reading his blog and seeing him in real is like two different people...
(I tell u why when I come back, fren... :p)

My "Godson" in Miri (hope u r not startled, boy)
Whose blog I love to read too...
He is going to graduate soon...
His passion is photography...
And he loves traveling as well...


  1. Wud? Who posted his pic naked on the blog. *whine* why your Qs are getting more and more susah wan, Mama Claire? Aiyerrr!

  2. must be suituapui/arthur wee n gabriel..

  3. Miri - Borneo Falcon?
    naked pic ....who's dat?

  4. This somehow I know haha!

    Suituapui and Gabriel :).

  5. you got me peeping into suituapui's blog and scroll scroll, sooo long until i find his naked picture.. LOL !

  6. Hahaha...STP..you are famous! Or rather your porn picture LOL!

    Gabriel..your Godson? neverheard you mention it before :)))

  7. hehe...first one is STP! second one is....hehe....

  8. Huh? Cikgu got post naked pic of himself meh? Must go see!

  9. Blush! Blush! Covers vital part with hands! ROTFLMAO!!!

    When are you coming? You must let me know the dates early...as mid-January I will be in KL bringing my daughter to attend some "pre-departure briefing" and mid-February, I will be in KL to send my daughter off when she leaves for NZ. Ministry hasn't confirmed the dates yet though...

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