Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's Up Tonight?

Tonight I am late, I mean in posting this. Time seems to slip through my fingers without me realizing it... what did I do? I was watching my favorite game on TV since 7pm, I didn't know it was the Yonex-Sunrise BWF World Super Series Masters Finals 2009 held in Malaysia.... how blur I am, how could I not know? I tot it was on the 10th.... (but then, what to expect from an ah soh, huh?)

Actually I wanted to post some photos tonight, but What The Heck, it is so late now.. better take an early rest, my chest and arm is still giving me spasms on and off...WTH, is this my own birthday gift? I kind of feeling old tonight...

A Consolation though... one blogger whom I admired appeared in my Gmail... nope, it is not a male, she is a well known blogger who speaks out her mind, her power of English puts mine to shame..... Who is she? Many of you know her, I guess....she is none other than Cleffairy! What a unique name, right?

Ok, I told her to give me 10 minutes to post this before I continue chatting with her, I think it is beyond that now....

So tell me, do you chat with your bloggers online too? Great sharing, right? Long Live Blogging! It connects us, somehow, somewhere... in some ways...


  1. LOL... Claire...what a post. I do hope your arms and wrists are ok. (Damn, i got disconnected again... so sien, this hour, connection very bad ah) *grinz* I think your arms too pain cuz you carry too much bday pressie LOL...

    Hey... buy some muscle relaxing cream and put on the place that sore la... dun wait til it gets worst.

    Anyway, thank God you din put my pic up, I would have freaked out. LOL...oh... before I forget... my 'unique' name as you put it is a pokemon's name. It's Clefairy, the pokemon. LOL... kids and brats alike would have notice...ahahahaha...they'd probably think i look round, pink and slaps people around!

  2. Cleffairy, thanks for seeking me up in gmail, after a long slogging day in office and watching too much TV, chatting with you makes sense to me.. lol..
    i dont know what's wrong with me, one of these days, I will go for a thorough check up plus Xray, to put my mind at ease.. meanwhile, cut my games and blogging as well... :p
    oh, I dont know anything about pokemon except that it is yellow in color and my son used to buy it when he was in primary and got caned severely bec of it.. believe me!

  3. arm also hurts due to badminton, been playing two consecutive nights weekly. Think I give it a rest and play 1 night per week. Btw, Im tempted to watch Super Series finals in JB but likely don't have time la... It's family time over the weekend :(

  4. hm...although I might not consider myself active in socializing in blogosphere but I do admit meeting new ppl as frens is a wonderful experience...unfortunately, never really met any bloggers i knew online before...haha

  5. sjb: hope it will...thanks

    smallkucing: yes, quick quick, get well, arm!

    chrisau: in JB? oh, i tot in KL.. now everyday got live leh.. u should go see LCW in action..

    ericlee: wonderful to meet esp u get to know them online..

  6. I chat with bloggers oh... Dat one blogger nama reanaclaire! :D I have her in my MSN and skype :D

  7. Hey take care ...get that cream" counterpain" from the pharmacy...good for arm and muscle pain. You may be sprained the muscle when playing badminton...that's why lo .. you run about like a 25 what to do! :p Eh eh eh don't smash my head ...God sve me tomoro I will get hammered...I will stay clear...swear

  8. merryn: 101 chatter, hai mai? now we must wish each other goodnite everynite otherwise cannot sleep leh.. :p

    elin: surely i wont smash yr head... will sayang u more and more for feeding me grow fat fat.. hehee...

  9. Claire...pls don't take it lightly about ur arm....maybe u see should doctor.... take care and get well.

    so far never chat with any bloggers...except give my 2 cents comments in their blogs.. hehehe!!

  10. No, I don't chat with them on line, but did have one call me on the phone. Also e-mail a few back and forth, but not like live chatting.

  11. I actually go out of my way to meet the my local South African blogging friends in real life...and they are the most wonderful people.

  12. Get well soon... I'm still new in blogging, never have the chance to go and meet some of them but will do in the future ^^

  13. Hi Reanaclaire, I couldn't help noticed you have posted almost coming to a thousand postings.
    Holy Smoke!
    Last year was 522! Good for you.....
    Hey, better go for a complete medical. You shouldn't be getting this pains, especially chest.
    Go Reana!
    Take care, Lee.

  14. Tok about bloggers, horr, Claire...I chat with those that's close to me all the time. LOL...I sms some of the bloggers pretty often too. Though I have yet to meet up with any... (hinting something la here! Would really love to me you and your boys and your pretty girl. LOL...)

  15. You should see a doctor ASAP if you are having chest and arm pain. Seriously, it could be something more serious.

    I "chat" with a blogger friend. We chat as if we have known each other forever! I have met the most wonderful people in blogland.

  16. i chat too and a little too much hahahahha

  17. Hey,Leh Ziao Ho lah,,, can chat on line with blogger friends at night,, me got jealous betul lah,,, anyway to say the least, i am happy to have known you and whant that special name blogger,,ya ya,,Cleffairy,,both of you are like my sisters,,,,

    you are my big sis,, she is my small sis,,, what a nice feeling

  18. I chat with other bloggers too but only some time. Not always. :p

  19. Hey there,

    Do take care of the arm ya. God bless.

    And blogging rocks when you get connected with people all around the world thru common interests and meeting back long lost frens ! :)

  20. mandy: yes, i should and will one day.. dont know really where the pain is, sigh... 25 yrs old can feel this type of pain? yo!

    Patty: emailing is also good enough, cos chatting might need u to be glued there all the time. :)

    Lynette: u r some lady! flying all the way to meet up...

    daniel: hope u will one day.. meet up with those u feel comfortable with..

    u.Lee: that shows i m on the checkup medical list.. how old am i actually.. yeah, will go.. before christmas..

    cleffairy: i would love to meet u too.. *sign autograph* :p

    cheryl: something to do with the heart? ok,will go... kind of worrying too..

    Manglish: really? too much means absorbed and glued totally to the pc?

  21. eugene: yeah, thru u, i got to know cleffairy.. *psst.. she Rocks! like u too! hahhaa..

    takkaus: yes, not all, only very very few...and on and off too,yes, not nitely for me as well..

    joanna: yeah, me 25, yr mum 24.. so i m older, u see, i better follow yr mum for brisk walks.. hahhaa...

  22. I chat with some on Facebook...

  23. I chat with my blogger friends over my blog :P. Hard to add someone sometimes when most of them are bloggers and much to my amusement I would say, I have read all of them in their blogs haha! Of course there are some whom I emailed :). It is fun to do so ^_^. Gets me excited sometime to receive email from them.

    It is nice to know so many people through blogging world. I really appreciate all of them including you.

  24. stp: yeah, i know.. u r more active in FC.. i seldom use it..

    Ladyviral: yes, blogging is sort of a connection, last time i used to icq, and mostly nonsense, blogging is more real, u can actually see them here..

  25. yea, i chat with my bloggers on msn, in fact most of my contact are bloggers mummies and some of them become my close friends lei.

    You got msn? Give me your contact let me add you in. I would love to meet up with you one day. If you drop by KL don't forget to give me a call.

  26. Chat with Cleff.....spicy stuff? ha ha ha!

  27. Don't forced your arm . i hope it is not dislocated . I think you better consult a doctor.

  28. annieQ, sure, would love to chat with u in msn.. thanks, i let u know when i fly to KL.. hahaa...

    mothercares: thanks.. do keep in touch...

    pete: dont want to tell u how spicy it is! hahaha...

    survivormum: no, definitely not dislocated.. otherwise cannot even type this.. but will do xray

    pyscha: thanks for visiting.. do come by..

  29. haahahaha...of course i chat with bloggers online..i chat with you sometimes ;)

  30. barb: sau toe.. have a nice weekend!

  31. @ Eugene: ur really lucky you're not my real bro... lol... I have always want a big bro, u kno, so that I can bully. LMAO... spicy as your sambal ikan bilis. LOL...Claire is one hot mama! I grow old oredi I wanna be like her!

    @Claire... wud autograph la. LOL...I just went to see ur boy's blog ah...I dunno ur son study in University of Petronas... OMG... so geng!

    @Annie Q... I am mummy blogger too, but I dun write too much personal stuff in my blog. LOL...lai, add me...
    I'm sure you got a lot of experience can hand down to me in regards of parenting. :P

  32. Ah, well i guess you really had a great time watching your favorite game. Anyway, that was really nice.


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