Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who Are They.... Part 3

3rd day.. I wonder where I am now, which part of Japan...

Ok, back to blogging about who's who...

How about Kuala Lumpur?
I know many from KL.. hope u dont mind if i leave you out.. please excuse this old mind of mine..

Her name is B...
She has a girl named A...
She is formerly from IPOH and she has helped me before in my paid post...
At times she gathered with a few other mama bloggers for a makan gathering..lately a steamboat feast...

Her name is C
She is a dynamic mama who is determined to go all out to earn a living for her princess B....
She is into home baking cakes and cookies... if u want to order, just look out for her in her blog...

Lately this mama blogger gave me a book as a birthday/christmas present...
Her blog is about her son and he is very very cute.... miow miow...
I guess I dont need much explanation for her as well...

She has a girl named A too..
But this mama blogger is called E T
She rambles a lot in her blog..

Another mama blogger called A
She has a pair of twin boys...
Need no introduction, right?


  1. i know the last one is Annie's Double trouble journal by Annie Q

  2. the second one i guess is PRINCESS BREANNA - by Cynthia Wong and daughter as Breanna

  3. first one... maybe is BoeyJoey by BoeyJoey lo... :(

  4. forth answer is Small Kucing by smallkucing

  5. i've no idea at all. have fun

    A smile from SJ =)

  6. Hope you're enjoying your trip. My husband was in Japan several years while in the Army. He was stationed at Camp Sendai.

  7. hahaha.. nice of you to mention my blog... :D TQ TQ!

    First, Barb & Ash

    Second, was mine and Princess

    Third, Kathy aka Smallkucing

    Forth, Elaine Tan with Amber

    Fifth, Annie with her boys!

    hehehe.. enjoy yourself in Japan? Dont get yourself freeze ya.. :D

  8. Can i cheat? Go browse your blog den see who they are. I know there's one responsible blogger who made me cry whole damn nite cuz her Xmas gift made me tangan gatal go and read P.S. I Love You. But I forget her name.

    Without cheating, I can manage one. Smallkucing.

  9. *points up* I din cheat. I know one more. Cuz the blogger drop by here. Cynthia! LOL

  10. 1. Barbara with Ashley!
    2. Sorry I don;t know wor...
    3. Kathy and Smallkucing
    4. Elaine and Amber?
    4. Annie & Ferles & Cruz?

  11. Aiyo! Got prizes or not for guessing correctly? I don't know any lah. How come you know so many bloggers one? SO happening? : )

  12. thanks for featuring me in your blog..hahahahahhahahahaha


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