Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Are They....Part 2

Ok, today let us go for Penang bloggers... ready??? Give me their blog names..

This one should be easy because most of you know this famous guy and hope u all know this pretty lady too..

This pretty lady who hails from Penang has just given birth to a baby girl..
She called her Princess L..
I met her once while she was in her eight month pregnancy, if i m not mistaken
And now she has given up working full time to take care of her baby
But she is still working freelance for her boss...
Her name is A....


Our famous guy, sexy, charming, handsome, cool, rugged, daring, sophisticated, drinker, loves drinking beer, humble, friendly, loving (to his family).... and the list goes on...
Two sons named J and M
One beautiful wife whom he loves dearly
OK, OK, this one no need so much explanations, close eyes also know who he is.....

to be continued...


  1. Haha. The second one I know! EUGENE!

  2. Penang lang - Eugene loh. First one sorry loh.

  3. You have such a large following...I don't have a clue.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. 2nd one...dunno lah! Dunno anybody that fits the description. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. this time... quite a different question...

    1. amycheah

    2. Eugene

    dont know correct or not... hehhee

  6. Hi Reanaclaire, as we say here, search me, ha ha. Got no idea.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  7. even i am not an active blogger but i know one of them is eugene lol...d handsome uncle....bila balik rindu la....

  8. hey claire, mana gambar2 Japan?? Tak sabar nak tengok ni...hah!

    BTW, i knw the 2 answers of yours.

  9. First one, I dono who. Second one, of course know la. That's my big bro, Eugene. LMAO...

    Eugene, his son is Jovial and Marvel. LOL...second one, sub sub sui question. fehmes... so handsome and so smexy, of course kno leh!

  10. Hi Claire, just got back from my vacation! Great to be back again. Hopefully still be able to catch up with you. You going to fly off anytime by now huh! To where about? Hope you have a wonderful vacation & off coz meet someone nice all the way.... hehe.... Check out who is sitting by side you... may be Richard Gere, Brat Pitts, Keanu Reeves.... hahaha.... Day dreaming is so good!

  11. i know the second one is bold talk

    A smile from SJ =)

  12. and the first one is my little princess journey

    A smile from SJ =)

  13. Ahhh! Wait... you asked their blog name, not their name! Yerr... din read the questions properly...(dun tolak my markah ah, mama Claire)

    I only know the second one. It's Bold talk. LOL.

  14. Eugene definitely has 2 sons..


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