Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Are They....Part 1

By the time you all read this, I might be shivering or freezing in Japan.... but I wanna have fun with all of you here too...

I am going to blog about my bloggers...
Hope you can manage to give their blog names
Isn't it fun? NO? How about a prize? Yes?? Good, I will send u a prize if all answers are correct..
hahhaa.. i seem cracko, talking to myself and imagining the scene in my mind...
Ok, enough crap..
Here goes...

*tip: the bloggers I mentioned here are all from my bloggers' list*

I start with IPOH....

One who loves traveling and lately she went to HongKong..
I think she has grown up kids like me... (hope I m correct?)
I notice she has a lot of bloggers commenting in her bloggie ...
And her layout is pinkish in color....
Her name is W

A dynamic single mama too called A
She has a cute baby girl called M
I met up with her twice already,
She loves baking... and I think a few mamas here know her very well...

Ok, another one from IPOH whom most of us know..
Cos I always talk about her so...
She cooks, she gives me a job...
As a taster, tester.. whatever it is called..
I love her, she loves me..
We miss each other lots!
Her name is E

Ok, 5 bloggers here.. anyone knows the correct answers?

to be continued tomorrow...


  1. i know the first one is wenn!

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. Ai yoh,,,, holiday in japan somemore have to make us happy,, san foo lah you..........

    2)Her daugther is Maine,,,
    3)Elin,, your collegue, and you never knew she blogged too , untill she told you about it,, and then she started giving you a the recipes ,,hahahahah

    i hope i am right,,,

  3. Wah... so fun la you, got quiz somemore... hee hee
    1. Wenn
    2. Agnes, with daughter Maine
    3. Elin, your pal.
    Hope I'm right...
    ps: 3 only ma... where got 5? :-)

  4. Reanaclaire, is this supposed to be an 'open blog test', "just finished my STPM still in my exam mode *ahem*" meaning we can dig out all your previous postings turn them upside down inside out whatsoever to get the answers or can only answer as the questions come along without "referring" and let the force be with us? Also can the bloggers submit more than a dozen correct and incorrect entries and most important can copy from one another ah? Hahaha:p Have lots of fun in Japan.

  5. I know I know..

    You are talking abt Wenn, Agnes, Chermaine, and Elin!! but where got 5 ah?

    Happy Holiday!

  6. the blogger whose name starts with an E got to be Elin..:)

    Have fun in Japan, Claire!

  7. me present le... i come back to take from u during xmas..LOL

  8. Not really frozen - you get ice flows or drift ice heading south. There are parts of Hokkaido where you can go on an icebreaking ship for a closer look. The drift ice goes from about mid-January to mid-April though recently the season has become shorter.

  9. I like teka teki. Here's my take.

    3. Issit Elin?

    Ps... did you meet Doraemon yet?

  10. i only know the 1st one is Wenn :( hahaaah

  11. Without peeping into your blogroll only know the first answer - Wenn. Enjoy your trip.

  12. ya.. i only know the first one is wenn.. hahaha.

  13. i guess is lim yeng lol...enjoy ur trip ... remenber bring back some gift to ur grand daughter...

  14. hahahaha i always be the last commentor mmmm

    since everyone give the correct answer hehehe

    1000% is wenn lo hahahaha

    next time give a difficuilt question la.... hahaha everyone can guess... not fun :P

  15. I only know the 1st one. It's WENN (*_*).

  16. is this a treasure hunt?

    i count the descriptions all about 3 persons but u say got 5..

    i know, the other 2 is hidden hai mai? yay! i love treasure hunts!!!

  17. A trip to japan is really expensive. You should make full use of your time there. Agree with Eugene, so sun fu for you to be blogging from there.

    ENjoy your holidays ya! ^_^

  18. hahaha after recheck again... i miss 2 more question....

    but not points to guess lo... hehehe i think all the bloggers answer correctly....

    by the way, i also not familiar with them

  19. I can only guess #1 and that is Wenn.

  20. Goodness know you are in Japan already? good aye. :p

    Ouh so you wanna play game with us lar? :p


    I only know one. :p


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