Thursday, January 7, 2010


Before we left for Penang last week, I went to the petrol station and filled up the petrol as usual. After doing the necessary, Andy who was sitting in front, exclaimed, "Mi, don't drive yet, take a look." He was pointing at this petrol meter (or speedometer?) Anything special?
Yes, 8888.... yeah... exactly.. at the petrol station, it was 8888.!!


  1. hohohoho so huat?? but 4D la...

  2. So this year would be a fatt fatt fatt fatt (8888) year for you.

  3. Huat ar.... :D Don't forget to buy this number o. :p

  4. fufu: thanks for the tot.. happy new year to u too..

    cheah: hope wont fatt at some other place! :)

    smallkucing: no la.. i no play one.. hahhaa..

    tekkaus: i buy tutu.. :)

    pete: really ah? hahha...

  5. That's a good sign. haha! A good beginning to a new year! : )

  6. Wow, jackpot!!! hahaha.... you get anything?


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