Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Urge At Toilet Bowl

Andy has been telling us (Aaron, Fernie and I) about the toilet bowls cafe in Queensbay Mall. He told us that the food there might not be number 1 but the display was just unbelievable! Tell me, do you fancy sitting on a toilet bowl taking your meal cooked in a mini toilet bowl and eating it in full view of the public? LOL...

I am sure many of you have frequent this place already but for Aaron, Fernie and I, we were like ah Beng and ah Lians... fascinated by the display...
the toilet bowls as seats...

the mini toilet bowl filled with steamed cheese rice..

when u eat, don't think of the toilet bowl, OK?
otherwise u will waste food..

Fernie has this french toast
on a toilet bowl cover...

Sorry, I shouldn't mention toilet bowl, toilet bowl...
here and there...
But one funny thing though, while sitting there,
there was no "urge" whatsoever...
(if u know what i mean)
Ok, sorry, sorry, didn't mean to spoil your dinner here!

T-Bowl Restaurant


  1. Think this is over the limit may be creative but TAK NAK sorry I'm old fashion bananaz no go for me.

  2. uuuuum, no, i think i'll skip....

  3. Now that is a unique and offbeat style for a restaurant, I am curious though what exactly were the fixtures in the washroom like?

    I would be ok as long as they weren't shaped like commercial kitchen appliances.

  4. well, not for me. How not to think of the toilet bowl when one is staring at it everywhere in the restaurant? Gosh!

  5. bananaz: no way? no wonder i notice not so many patrons there.. macam tak nak juga!

    shadow: u too? LOL.. i guess many cannot accept this yet.. i heard this is a taiwan concept...

    thewalkingman: this cafe is in a mall so the washroom is not under this particular cafe..

  6. ish ish ish.. who in da world came out with this concept lah??? hahahahah...

  7. Heard of "you don't eat and sh*t at the same place?" even worst using the place to eat. ish ish ish... the Taiwanese may be crazy think Penang lang may not be. Some friends even said bad fengshui and vibration.:(

  8. i've seen a similar place in some magazines but that one was in taiwan/japan i think. actually, i don't think i wanna go there to eat. not very comfortable with the idea :(

  9. merryn: the tai wan ese... eh, not bad ma.. it works with the youngsters.. guess we r not that young anymore, huh?

    cheah: this concept more for youngsters.. so we r out la.. young ppl body system stronger ma... they dont eat and shit same time.. they have a better control.. hahaha...

    barb: yes, in penang ada.. queensbay mall, next to the cineplex.. i also 1st time going there..

  10. Yes, the food might be great, but the surroundings leave a lot to be desired. LOL

  11. Ah! They have that in Penang too? Saw it on Taiwan, I think. You should order the chocolate ice cream...and see what it's like when served! Bet you would not want to eat it! Hahahahaha!

  12. The steamed cheese rice looks like somebody's puke!

  13. haahaahah.....there is a shop beijing called the shit shop everything came in the shape of poop

  14. lynette: this concept is from Taiwan.. :)

    chrisau: yeah, last time i read in emails.. didnt know it has come to malaysia..

    patty: it sort of gross to be eating from a mini toilet bowl.. lol...

    stp: yeah, i read in my emails last time.. i tot it was only in taiwan, never know that someone here also bought the franchise. i think most of the patrons are from the younger generation :)

    cleffairy: dont tell me u fall into our category..u r so young! u should say "hey, this is cool, man!"

  15. Cannot say cool to something that looks disgusting. this stuff repels me! LOL...

    And Claire, do you mind telling me what error you got when you attempt to comment in my blog? Wud did it write? Let me know so that I can try to fix it. Or rather, whip my hubby's butt to fix it!

  16. penang also hv this toilet bowl themed restaurant ah... i only knew kl has opened 1 recently. i hv yet to check out. looks interesting, but prob food wont taste nice coz discounted by all the toilets factor *haha*

  17. cleffairy: fear factor challenge! frankly, the other day, i nibbed a bit here and there.. the rest, my sons walloped!!

    2ma: these pics were taken in penang .. didnt know about the KL branch..anyway, quite fascinating with the "furnishings"

    gallivanter: goodness gracious? hahahaa..

  18. Passed by so many millions time, but it just does not appeal to me,anyway i still prefer TGI Friday though.

    hey looks like only you and i have problem leaving comments in cleff's blog, when i submit comment,it prompts to sign it, so when i sign it,it tells me that i am not a member of ,, apalah ini, gila

  19. All I can say is....have to keep my son away from this place!! He will be so confused why poo poo place also mum mum place??


  20. heard this in Taiwan.. then recently someone told me in Penang, but I didn't bother to 'google' for it.. now that you blog abt it... hehhee.. btw, hows the food taste like ah? :p

  21. @ Eugene and Claire, my husband sed, you just need to un-tick the tiny little box that says

    'Authenticate this comment using'

    It's the tiny box that's appeared under the URL...den it wun prompt you to login oredi. He sed, it happened because you both didn't login into your blogger account in the first place or sumthing, hence, the prompt. So just untick that tiny box, den you can comment d.( i dono wud he tok about. Me=blur)

    And he sed, Claire's office might have firewall on, that is why you cannot comment in office.

    I tink, overall, if you are already login into your own blogger account(at blogger there) then you should't have problem commenting in my blog. But in any case... just UNTICK the small box, can comment oredi.

  22. eugene: where is this TGIF? tell me please.. the other day my kids wanted to eat in Chili but we ended up eating at a lousy food court in free school garden.. this time, maybe next week, we go to this sg pinang..
    about cleff's comment, she already ajar us what to do.. :) both of us blur blur.. we have to admit that!

    ann: yes, u got to keep him away.. never know one day he might want to eat in the toilet hahahaa...

    cynthia: i just took a bit of this and that... my sons walloped them.. so so only la.. i mean nothing so special but then they were not lousy too...

    Cleffairy: ok, i will check it again when i go home, i think i know what he meant.. ahem... i must log into my blogger account before i comment so that it will be there... and about my office one, forget it!! yeah, they must have blocked this blog of yours and not the old one.. funny..this new one more "porn" or what?

  23. What a horrible, horrible idea for an eatery. Yucks!

  24. whoa...
    tht is really cool
    but cn b sickening if u think of it
    kena try not 2 think 2 much (>.<)

  25. Eh, you all not ah beng or ah lians la, me also jakun, never know penang got this toilet bowls cafe! I saw it in TV, Taiwan got this toilet bowls cafe and also coffin restaurant!!

    If i got chance to go Penang i want to try it, it sound interesting. hahahahhahah

  26. Hahahhaa..funny, unique and weird too.. I cant stop think it is really toilet I think, I dont dare to eat at that 'toilet bowl' hehehee....

  27. Hahahhaa..funny, unique and weird too.. I cant stop think it is really toilet I think, I dont dare to eat at that 'toilet bowl' hehehee....

  28. Hahahhaa..funny, unique and weird too.. I cant stop think it is really toilet I think, I dont dare to eat at that 'toilet bowl' hehehee....

  29. It isn't a problem to me at all! All I care about is the food in there. hahaha.... As long as it's not something weird! haha..

  30. mumsgather: we mothers are so OUT la.. the younger generation, the teens, they love this! something unique.. :p

    cehx:! u must be a teen..

    annieQ: coffin restaurant pun ada? haha..that would be fascinating as well..where is it?

    c.alv.b: u must be too excited.. u clicked 3 times here same comment..

    mylittlespace: while eating, just dont let yr imagination run wild! :p

  31. I tried curry rice in a small toilet bowl before in my friend's house. Now i am thinking if that day was supposed to be a prank or not.

    She bought the toilet untensils from Taiwan.

  32. Cool.....something very unique. I've seen this concept in Taiwan very long ago....and now it has open up in M'sia. Aaaa...must go and try one of the day if ever I'm in Penang.

  33. My god what an idea..!not dinner but lunch for sure.The very first sight of it has made me go like...yuck!!You have presented the entire thing very well though.

  34. @Claire.. don't let your imagination runs wild when eating? I may fancy your penis pasta... but definitely not this... and do I look like the kind who wun let my imaginations runs wild? OMG, I tink not! LOL...if I can contain my imaginations, I probably wun be getting recurring nightmares. :P

    There is a reason why I fancy the pasta, but not this toilet bowl. This is not cool! LOL...

  35. I don't know if I can eat especially eating from a toilet bowl.

    Well, there are so many ideas out there, and yet they come out with a "toilet bowl" idea.

    If their food is #1 maybe I will try lah :o) hahaha!

  36. Goodness....where is this? I thing I wanna go there too. :p

  37. OMG... where is this place... hahahahha.... funny but interesting... heheheheh

  38. kelvin: so how did the fried rice taste like? surely not a prank.. it is the IN thing nowadays.. :p

    cleffairy: think of it another way.. imagine u r having a king's feast on a golden bowl.. imagine.. imagine.. :)

    tekkaus: penang la.. go find
    eugene, he will be most happy to take u there... i think.. hahaha..

    CathJ: in queensbay mall Penang, near the cineplex.. go and try it out!!

    aishiang: try and u will know.. what i tasted might not be your taste.. :)

  39. I can't help but to imagine what I'm eating may be something coming out of the toilet bowl... hahaha. Novel idea though... should try at least once :-)

  40. interesting but using toilet bowls might not be good feng shui.

  41. Toilet bowl ah??? Rather too kinky don't you think?

    Like Eugene I love TGIF too. It is not that expensive for good food and great portions!


  42. boeyjopey: just go there and look see look see :)

    wenn: it is like eating shit? chinese very sensitive.. hahha..

    shakira: one day must go see where tgif is..

  43. What a great idea! I'm not sure I'd have any appetite at this restaurant, but I like that they're trying to do something different.

    I enjoyed your blog; thanks for your visit to mine.

  44. What a great idea! I'm not sure I'd have any appetite at this restaurant, but I like that they're trying to do something different.

    I enjoyed your blog; thanks for your visit to mine.

  45. thelaughinghousewife: thanks for coming by too!!

  46. Yes, the food might be great, but the surroundings leave a lot to be desired. LOL


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