Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Too Late...

Back home after a long evening at the church wake since 5pm...
Relatives and friends started coming in around 7.30pm and the last guest left around 11.30pm...
Myself... what did I do? I walked here and there... listening to stories told by my FIL's frens....
A collection of them... and made me realize something new about him....
All these years, he stayed in my house during the day, I never talked much to him....
All these years, I only knew that he was a very strict man who just want to bother about everything and anything I did....
All these years, I only wished that I could have my own privacy and not him intruding into my life...
All these years, I grumbled in silence.....

Now then tonight, through his frens, I understand him better but then it was a bit too late to show him that I finally do...


  1. matter what had happened, the realization will make you a better person... condolence my friend...

  2. you were patient. God Bless you :)

  3. you were patient. God Bless you :)

  4. Hey Claire, I am sure ur FIL knows what a kind hearted person u are. God bless :)

  5. owwww... at least you know.. sometimes there is a reason besides all happening.

    If he did not go.. you will never know.. :)

  6. My dearest Claire,
    NO MATTER WHAT, you have been a GOOD daughter in law. You have been there for him.He stayed with you until he died, YOU MUST BE REALLY CLOSE TO HIS HEART. That is all that matters.

    My late FIL passed away before I divorced ex and he was the closest thing to a father to me. I really can understand how you feel. Please do not feel sad,celebrate his life with your children.

    Whatever you may have felt, now, you know better and you become wiser and stronger.



  7. I'm not sure if I can say the same thing about MIL... erm...I'm being brutally honest here, but I can surely say I adore my FIL.

  8. Don't be hard on yourself, as we all seem to do, but remember the good times and all the care you gave to him. I am thinking of you during this difficult time.

  9. My deepest condolence to you and your family. May your father in law rest in peace.

  10. Thank you...sorry i cannot reply individually...
    last night i dreamt about him...
    it was like real... and i felt very much better today...

    thank you all for your kind words and consolation...

  11. it makes me realise too that i should talk more to my mum as she is staying with me.

  12. Claire, that happens. We don't usually realised something until it is too late. But I know your FIL is a wise man, he knows you have a good heart and he knows you care. Don't feel bad.. he knows you've done your best.. May he rest in peace now.. you take care.

  13. Claire, please take care, ok? Our hearts and prayers are with you.

    And Claire ah...I'm on foodbuzz. habislah... I'll be poisoning ppl!

  14. I do not believe in elaborate funerals and all those ceremonies at Ching Ming or All Souls' Day. I personally believe that we should be nice to people when they are them our love and care...and people that are hard to get along with, we just tolerate and pray for them. "Forgive them, Father...for they know not what they are doing..."

  15. Life is like that. Sometimes we just wanna keep ourselves in our own comfort zone. :(

  16. Yes mum, now we continue to live a good life and cherish him as we walk on in life..Its not too late to cherish those around us now :)


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