Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Ear....

Today is 01.01.10...
From today onwards, I have to get used to writing 10 instead of 09 or 2010 instead of 2009.
So what did we do today?
We slept through morning and I was the first one to wake up... 10.15am... *malu eh*
Then without much ado, I woke the 3 "bears" and off we went for our brunch...
(I post that later)

Someone got this as her New Year present ... guess who?

with a japanese doll, who else
but Fernie!

She has been "murmuring" in my ears on and off, ever since she got her PMR results... I only turned on a deaf ear... LOL.. hoping she will drop off the idea... but she was actually waiting for the right day and timing, that is her brothers are back together and a family outing today is the best time to do her purchasing....

Hope she will use this for another few years before she "murmurs" into my ears again...
My first day of New Year burnt my pocket ... handphone + outing = ...............
(ok, I better don't count, why spoil the first day of New Year, huh?)


  1. hello claire! here's wishing you and all at home, happy, healthy and prosperous days ahead! =)

  2. I wan go murmur into my dad's ear too... see if he can give me a new pc or laptop or a fully sponsored trip to Italy-so that I can buy the damn thing! Ahahaha...

  3. hahha...never mind ler, as a reward to her. congrats! :D happy new year auntie!

  4. many As? Must be flying colors that why can deserved such a great gift.. Well done mama..

    Happy New year to u..

  5. @ Little Lamb... her dotter got ALOT of As. LOL...I'll let Claire boast...I wun say how many As.

  6. Hi Reana, Happy New Year to you and all at home.
    Wishing you the very best of 2010.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and have a great new year. Lee.

    ps, some friends here got funny idea of welcoming the new year. I just learned Jack Daniels and half frozen durians at midnight don't get along well, ha ha.
    My head feels or hearing gongs, like a Thai Monastery, ha ha.

  7. hhhahahahhah ohhh to get present from you we only need to murmur in your ears ar? let me murmur too next time ahahahahahahahaha

  8. @ manglish.... eiii... now you're giving me ideas... lol...come, we murmur into her ears together-gether!

    psstt, pssst... Claire oh Claire... buy me some food and feeddddd meeeee... lol...I'll be good and let you pet my head...

  9. Wow!! A handphone as a NY gift?? I want too!!! But I prefer digital camera....hahaha!! Happy 2010!

  10. come shake hand with me, i also wake up at 10.30am!! hahaahhahahahhahha

    wow pink hp + pink japanese doll,nice! Fernie deserve it la, she got such a good result in her exam. :)

  11. We for the children. But as long as they're happy, we're happy too...

    I got up around 5 - 6, to cook chicken soup and mee sua and hard boiled eggs! Foochow tradition - New Year must eat! So good hor, this father/hubby!!! LOL!!!

  12. That's a neat idea to give a new year's gift! Do you just kinda' withhold one of the Christmas gifts for a few days later or do you actually purchase an additional gift for new years. Either way, neat idea that I might try to do for my babies!

  13. Psst..pssst..I am hungry for some CCF :p

    Happy New Year (^o^)

  14. Wwwaaahhhhhh so cool!!!!
    I love the colour!

    Happy New Year!

  15. rainbow angeles: wish u a blessed new year come i cannot bash into yr blog? do u hv one? :)

    cleffairy: aiyah..santa just left hor.. maybe better chance next year! :p

    gab: thanks.. she memang manja one.. hahaha..

    rachel: well done girl or mama? yeah, she wanted one all these while so this might be the best time to give to her..

    U.Lee dont play play..yes, eating durians with alcoholic can make u more than bang bang...hahhaa..

  16. manglish: huh.,,.huh... what did u say? hhhaaa...haaa??? cannot hear la!

    cleffairy: hey u r not my labby, i wont pat yr head la.. i give u a big hug la..ching chai.. :)

    rose: hope u get yr digital camera!

    annieq: yeah..lets shake shake..but this morning i woke up at 7am.. how about u?

    STP; that's the way it goes.. the life cycle..parents work, kids time they work, our grandkids enjoy... right!
    Yeah, u anytime better papa,.can cook so well one,..

  17. frequentflyer: thanks for coming by.yes, nowadays kids are more blessed than last time.. hahaha..

    smallkucing: in pg now.. so no ccf here la...

    angeline: me too..but too girlish for me actually.. :)

  18. you want another 'daughter' or not? me or Breanna can volunteer de.. hehehehe... nice gift, and you are such a sweet mum to get that for her..

  19. Happy New Year! Quick! Go over to my blog now cos you are mentioned there! ; )

  20. wah, lucky fernie. nice fon there. hehe... happy new year to you & family! may you guys prosper in 2010 and more!

  21. cynthia: breanna can be my granddaughter la.... hahaha...

    foongpc: really..ok, i jump over now.. !!!!

    irene: thank u dear,..happy new year to u too!

  22. Hi Dear, there is always this older man in SGP who is most willing to chip in.

  23. LOO.. thank u..i wonder who the older man is... ????

  24. What a lovely gift to your daughter. That sure sounds exactly like what Ashton does to me, the murmuring in the ear thing....Oh well, its fun to surprise the children. I too slept in until almost noon! And no partying either, just plain tired out!

  25. hi cheryl, yees, looking at their happy faces delighted us and a kiss from her, i was beaming away already.. hahaha...

  26. hi again.. my blog? u already hv it on your 'list' i see... how did u korek? keng... =)

    i am a 'retired' blogger liao =) hv a good week ahead!

  27. rainbowangeles: i have it? oh gosh.. i didnt realize.. maybe u never blog for a long while now.. it must be at the bottom of the list by now.. hahaha...

  28. Happy belated 2010! War....4 days belated already. LOL :D

  29. wow, lucky girl!!! and smart also *hehe*


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