Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School Gadgets

Today my teenaged girl took back some free text books from her school. Though the books are not in very good conditioned, we parents should be grateful that the government is now supplying free text books to all students. But it would be better if they give an option to the students' parents, some parents might prefer to buy new books for their kids instead of using the second hand books supplied by the government.

As for my girl, she does not mind, she is in fact used to using second hands books handed down by her siblings. What she wanted to request are mostly stationeries and school supplies, as listed in ShopWiki.co.uk. For all students alike, this website will be most helpful especially when it comes to school supplies. Everything they need to have are all there. You can just order online or browse through the wide selection of choices they have there.

School has just reopened and my girl is still looking for a new school bag. She wanted something different this time and if I tell her about this Back-To-School link, she will be most happy to choose something from there.


  1. Here our elementary schools supply textbooks through the taxes we pay. In college students buy their textbooks (some over $100 each) and if lucky, can find used ones. Ashton was unlucky in that her first semester she couldn't find second-hand books and paid alot of money! However, she was able to sell back her books for a little money at the end of the semester and last week went and purchased her books, mostly used and saved lots of money which helps out when one has tuition to pay. I believe there are lots of sites out there for used books if one can find just what they need. I do hope your daughter found a school bag.

  2. cheryl: so your govt also subsidises in the school books..good...

  3. You HAVE the option. All her years in school, my daughter never took those books on loan. I bought all the books for her, How to revise later when all returned at the end of the year? And cannot scribble scribble own notes for later reference in those books...

  4. stp: u r a caring doting papa.. as for fernie, i will ask her first.. which books she need for her form 5 later on.. she might want reference books instead..


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