Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something's Good Tonight

After my "pawning" post yesterday, my nice fren Elin must have felt some "sympathy"for me (LOL) and thus, this evening, I was treated to a very sumptuous dinner at this BBQ Korea restaurant called Riche Montana... funny name for a korean BBQ... sounds more like a cowboy name to me.

Back to Elin, I wanted to say a Big Thank You ... for such a delicious dinner with u and your lovely Joanna as well. I am indeed very touched for giving me such a super yummylicious dinner, my first time ever in a korean restaurant.

(Know what? I cannot even sit while posting this! I have to type standing up... guess tonight I have to stay up to sleep with such a heavy stomach! hahhahaa....)

the front view

we were the 1st patrons for the evening...

the big chef...doing her "stint"
don't play play...

part of the food...

part of the soup...

my desserts...

Elin, thanks again for the lovely dinner


  1. hmmm... sound like a western restaurant then a Korean :)

    Anyway, the food looks good... Hungry already...

  2. aiyo... Elin put me to shame... while she 'kesian' u.. all i did was laff at u 'porning' ur self.. sob sob.. soooo sorry claire!!!!! sob sob... i go wash my brain again now.. sob sob...

  3. TZ: sounds like western but the food all korean.. worth eating..actually many choices.. for only 29.per pax..

    merryn: my post is meant to draw sympathy..hahahaa.. just kidding..
    eh, u think everyone can do porn ah.. i take that as a compliment.. that is why i wrote there, "u underestimate me ah?" get it? hahaha..

  4. sweet of Elin..:)

    So yummy food, now i'm so hungry looking at the food!! Wuwwaaaa!! I want my supper.

  5. wow..where is this place? bring me there when im back for CNY!

  6. Claire - I got that.. was laffing and then remembered ur leg post..da one on the bed watching bedminton, eh.. badminton.. how to underestimate like dat? lol... :P

  7. Wah lau eh...the chocolate cake is making me drool all over the keyboard.

  8. Korean bbq nice! Eh, eat so much ar? cannot sleep lah! LOL

  9. Ipoh Garden South?
    The building looks very familiar...

  10. Hi Reana, sure looks delicious.
    And that simply out of this world.
    Have fun, Reana....and you sure got a good deal that shop gave you for the bracelet.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  11. Looks delicious.
    Lucky you

  12. Oh how nice to have such a kind friend, and one that treats you to a scrumptious meal! The dessert looked soooo good!

  13. hey claire, how was the Korean food ahhh. I never enter to Korean restaurant before leh. Cos many comments that korean food not really tasty wo. So tell me, what is ur opinion after u wallop at Korean food.

  14. annieQ: i faced the consequences of having a heavy stomach last night.. :p

    chrisau: bringing u there is no problem.. bringing u the bill got problem or not?? :)

    Merryn: good.. now u know..never to play play with old ginger! hahaha..

    smallkucing: dont spoil mama's keyboard, nanti i kena blamed! :)

    Pete: u r quite right..actually i cannot even sit!!

  15. mingna: yes, ipoh gdn south, near the pretty pets.. go try...

    sjb: the choc cake was nice actually...soft and moist..

    U.Lee: after the bracelet affair, i got the treat, yes! :0

    shakira: blessed to have elin! hugs!

    cheryl: yes, everyone seems to be eyeing the desserts... cakes!

    amy: after walloping those last night, i couldnt even sit properly and i have to wait for an hour or 2 before i can go to bed.. i walloped more on the crabs!! and of course the cakes and the ice cream...hmmmmm..something new to me, this korean food..

  16. See i told you,you nice nice to people, people will be nicer nicer to you,,,, thank god

  17. You are so lucky to have a friend like her.I don’t know how you do it! You always have the most amazing post and gorgeous pictures.Keep posting!

  18. Montana? Reminds me of Hanna Montana... *groan* and I not yet watch the movie yet. =(

  19. eugene: a blessing.. gaing frens and gaining lots of calories too! hahaa...

    Lea: thanks .. many of us can do it here.. :p

    cleff: at first it reminds me of her too...i seen the movie with my kids in the cineplex, a sort of teenage love story..hehehe.. makes me feel young again.. ooopss..

  20. that chocolate brownie?...just cant resist it..but luckily i just satisfied myself with last nite cheese brownie else i m drooling ere again...

  21. Feel want to go to BBQ Korean restaurant too..look yummy to me. I love hotpot cooking..

  22. I love this place... Their marinated meat are very addictive...even my Mum who's not a meat lover also makan non stop...

  23. What a lovely dinner with a good fren :P

  24. mommyling: sort of choc moist cake.. nice..

    c.alv.B: first time for me.. :) love the desserts!

    agnes: yes, the beef was tender and tasted more on ginger/garlic..

    mommymoon: yes, it was a very nice dinner, special.. :p

  25. WAH...the food looks good! Where about is this place?

  26. mum, the food is so nice..hehe. i think must go there try one day again with u all

  27. ann: this is in ipoh garden south near the pantai puteri hospital.. near scotch pub..

  28. Er… Can not see Joanna in your post ?

  29. what a nice friend you have. the food look delicious :) yeah..pretty strange name for a korean restaurant :)

  30. Ok B, we go one day.. all of us.. hahaha.. i m sure u and andy will love it..

    chvoon: joanna? u can hop over to for more pictures...she is a lovely girl...

    barb: i wanna thank u tonight.. hahaha.. i just rec it.. thank u..

  31. Nice setting. Have a classy look.

  32. Ooo...the choc dessert looks tempting! Ya...the name sounds like Hannah Montana's brother! LOL!!!

  33. nightwing: yes, nice ambience..

    stp: ahhh.. u r absolutely right! sounds cowboyish.. yes, the choc brownies i ate were very nice..

  34. Enjoying......heheheh
    Delicious good in 5 star hotels.


  35. neo: it is not in 5 star hotel.. just a normal restaurant..


Thank you, readers!

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