Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Up, Cook?

After a sumptious dinner last night, I prepared a simple one for tonight. During lunch time I "consulted" my sifu Elin for some suggestions, I told her I have a small slab of pork meat, what shall I do with it? She suggested that I could mince the meat and then steam it with 2 normal eggs and one salted egg. Ahhh.. a good suggestion....

Went to The Store to get some vegetables and ended up buying some frozen cod fish as well. I thought it would be very expensive but to my surprise, it was very very cheap... for three pieces, they were sold at RM8.90 only... Gosh!! Got fishy smell or not, I asked her.... so cheap one!

Then Elin taught me to put more garlic...
Fried it dry dry...
Then put some kicap when the oil is hot...

and...pour over the fish after that...
no smell one, she said..
very true... eat while it is hot too!!

then i stir fry this vege...with lots of garlic too..
(apa panggil, i tak tau)

aaahh...this is the steamed minced meat
with 2 types of eggs
(kai tan and ham tan)

there... 3 dishes... enough or not?
my fren , Tammy, macam can smell one..
She called me while I was at the kitchen
And asked me "What's up cooking??"


  1. ah yo!! Looks so sedap la...feel so hungry now after looking at that photos....

  2. My stomach grumbling dy.. The sayur not lettuce eh? the fish, ethan's favourite style of cooking. He can makan the whole piece like dat lor.. :D

  3. Sedapnya! The cod fish is really very cheap, is it really cod ar? Haha! I think I bought around RM1x, one piece only leh!

  4. Oops... the above comment from HL is actually from me :-)

  5. I always don't dare to buy those frozen fish coz takut they smell fishy...but now that you sudah jadi tikus putih... I can buy liao!! Nice dinner :)

  6. mandy: we were talking about u last night.. when r u coming to ipoh again?

    merryn: not lettuce la.. it is like the yau mak miniature.. must ask elin what it is called..

    HL/Chloe: hehehe..i also experienced this before, signing in under a different name and commenting..yes, normally one small piece is rm10 over.. but these i bought frozen ones.. 3 for i bought 2 packets.. after frying, also very nice..

    agnes: hehehe.. i bought cos my colleague told me that she tried ma.. haha...put more garlic if u scared..but just now we ate, very nice .. no fishy smell..

  7. this really makes me hungry~~~~ *drools*

  8. OMG!!!!!! I WANNA EAT THAT!!!!! :'(

  9. angelbear: supper yet??

    medie007: when when??? now???

  10. Your food is so different from what we eat here. Tonight DH is taking me out for a romantic dinner at my favorite restaurant.

  11. i like the look of the cod fish. Uiks put garlic ah?All along i thought out ginger :p

  12. healthy ah ? Eat cod fish.

  13. Wah, Rm8.90 for three pieces of cod fish...very cheap leh. Here one piece already cost 2x that price....hey, where you buy ah? I want to get some when I travel up north.
    The vegetable looks like Romaine lettuce (yau mak).....just came back from supper, now hungry again lorrr!

  14. this is the best part of home cooked meal! Yours looks so warm, full of love and yummy ;)

  15. OMG... have to come back much later when my tummy is filled first! LOL...

  16. those are definitely yummy dishes. i love looking for recipes in cyberspace and i love cooking for my family.

    Please do visit my blog as I already an updated post. Happy blogging:)

    bon appetit!

  17. Not so much into cod. Would prefer our own local fish - the ikan bawal and what not but those are also so very expensive these days. Nothing's cheap anymore! SIGH!

  18. MeRy: simple i can..complicated i cannot..

    Lynette: Great! hope u post up later...

    kathy: yes i wanted to put ginger but dont hv so put lots of garlic..

    chrisau: i tot cod fish high cholesterol?

    Pete: memang cheap.. The Store, I wonder whether KL has or not .. yeah, u r right.. siew yau mak.. the miniature size...

    kristie : in that case, i must cook more often.. hahhaa...

    cleff: told u.. u come here one month, u be as plump as me!

    aidisan: sure will visit u soon!

    STP: these frozen ones are cheap, otherwise i also cannot afford. RM8.90 3 pieces... yes, fish is definitely more dearer than meat nowadays...

  19. amboi nampak sedap lah all those dishes...ada lebih boh? gv me some.

  20. wa, your steam cake can be so round one, that looks like a real chef cooking, i could never have steamed eggs rounded this well.

    hey sister, you have a good weekend, ya

  21. amy: those were my humble dishes.. hahaha.. not really for pasaran yet..

    eugene: wei.. teok boh.. u put them in round plate, u get round la.. hahaa.. anyway, my girl loves this dish.. can go easily with rice..

  22. That veggie... issit yak mak? Erm... Romaine lettuce? Looks like romain lettuce... lol.. I never liked fish... got smell, and I hate the bones... the only fish I prolly take is dory fish(fish and chips ones) and the stingray. LOL... no bones, nonid to afraid choke!

  23. Today I will drop by the store, sapu all, then sell at pasar malam.....he he he he!

  24. wahhh... my fav home cook food!! yeah!!!

  25. Nice la.... you should put your fish recepi on my contest lah... I want to try hahhahaha...

  26. cleff..hahaa...u er.. not yak mak.. yau mak. u memang cakap macam orang putih.. :p Romaine lettuce sounds russian to me.. oh, that fish ah, not much bones one.. only the middle part.. so dont fear..

    pete: and u will sell that packet for double??? hehehe.. good idea!

    henry: u also so simple?

  27. the vege is "yau mak" ar?
    wahhhh.. all also so many garlic.. lolol.. i pick and throw away all garlic one, even accidently masuk mulut also i can use my tongue to roll it out.. hahhah.. geng mou??

  28. *blush* FAILED. Ahahahahahaha!!! I just know it's Romaine lettuce, very nice wan. :D Hey... this fish, got smell anot? Heard cod fish got the muddy smell wan. :(

  29. Simple and yummy dinner! I love that steam meat with two type of eggs. At home we call it "three colours egg" because we add one more is century egg. Chicken egg, salted egg, century egg and the mince meat, so you get the three colours. :)

    My boys love fish too, normally i will buy mackarel, i will put ginger instead of garlic.

  30. donna: garlic smells if eat too much..yes... dont open mouth after eating lots of garlic.. but it is good for cholesterol.. :p

    cleff: this cod fish sells at 70rm per kg in supermarkets..mana ada small piece cost around 10rm over.. those muddy smell is talapia la.. river fish... :)

    annieQ: yes, sam wong tan.. my mum can do that smooth like tau foo far.. but for me, it turns out like volcano one.. hehee..

  31. My confinement lady can cook the steamed egg like tau foo far also. She said add a lil oil, then onie pour the beaten egg on it. If u encounter bubble, scoop up the bubble wor..i tried once, it work for me.

    maybe u can give a try, then u wont worry ur steam egg become volcano...will turn to be smooth smooth egg..hehehhe.

    I love the dishes u cook..simple n yummy.

  32. Which pasar do you go to? The fish was really cheap!

    3 simple and nice homecooked dishes! YumZ ^_^

  33. Ahhh I feel sad..can't taste this yummy cuisines.

  34. can tumpang mou? very very tempting especially the cod fish.. just the way I like it..

  35. yummmmmmmmyyyyyy.....

    i'm on my lunch break now and eating roti with cheese (yuck) suddenly not so nice anymore after looking at your pics.....

    really want to try your recipes..

    over here, all the cod sold in fillet, no bones one so won't be as nice i think.

    i shall try and stir fry romaine lettuce next time... looks yummy...

    miss minced meat with egg... my favourite dish alsoo... and true, very nice with rice... yummmm.

  36. How many ppl eating? If jes u and Fernie, vy 'fung foo' dinner -- many choices. ;)

  37. mommyling: so this is the secret recipe of the smoothness! thanks! i try that one day...

    gratitude: it is sold in the supermarket called The Store..

    Noe: dont feel sad, cook them yourself.. easy only...

    smallnotez: thanks..

    cynthia: i m sure u r a better cook than i m..hahaha..

    pengpeng: cod is normally all flesh..not much bones, that is why i love it too..but too pricey if buy fresh ones..

  38. share the exact recipe on how to cook the fish. hope the hot oil didnt "tan" to the face since must be very hot?

  39. Those 3 dishes make a wholesome meal. Like the cod fish, especially if 'no smell one'!

  40. This sayur is the one ppl hang for the Lion Dance to eat one isit???

  41. rachel: the recipe is in my :) u r the 1st one to ask, pls dont laugh at my funny words there..

    cheah: yes, for me and my girl, it is very very sufficient!

    merryn: that one is lettuce i think, the in wong fei hong shows... hahaha...

  42. Delicious looking meal, and yum garlic!!


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