Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Thoughts Are Made Of These..

When I reached home from work yesterday, I saw one parcel on the table addressed to me. I was thinking aloud.."wow, another pressie? who can it be?" Like a kid, without hesitation, I tore off the pos laju plastic and inside was a white box. Then only I looked at the sender and it was written C.A.K.E. sdn. bhd. At first I thought it was a fruit cake from a blogger whom I read was making some sales baking fruit cakes! hehehe... guess who she is...

I was wrong. It was from this lovely blogger here who has a daughter named Ashley. LOL.. I bet many of us know who that is, right? Yes, she is the one. What a lovely gift, it was so nicely packed.....

nice to have a cup of coffee with this...

A box of sweet goodies
(Barb, u thank me, I thank u!!)


  1. that is one sweet gift :)

    looks likeyou have tons of great friends, claire. where my share of gifts? haha :P

  2. slavemom: nice lovely blogger frens i made here.. not bec of gifts, to all of you as well..

    ladyviral: yes, all of you are very nice...

  3. Looks like you have some goodies to have this week-end. Enjoy!!

  4. I think by the end of next week there will be another parcel on your table again :p

  5. how sweet. it's been a long time i have not received presents!

  6. patty: yes, need to go on a diet too! hahaha..

    smallkucing: serious??? makan one again? then i better go walk double rounds this week..hahaa....

    renaye: want me to send u one? :p

  7. i dont think its makan one la...but you can try "makan" it if you wish kekeke

  8. Isn't blogging just wonderful???? Like you, I have many wonderful new friends --due to blogging. That was nice of Barb to send you that box of goodies... I'm sure that brought a huge smile to your face.

  9. smallkucing is up to something, i guess.. :)

    betsy: yes, blogging is part of my life now.. so many nice wonderful people i know from all over the world..

  10. I thought she sent you the coffee too! lol... so sweet of Barbs. You must be smiling from ear to ear now :) Have a nice weekend Claire ..

  11. Thats an advantage for blogging right? by the way, you never free from delicious foods. Envy you..haaaaha

  12. wow, you are always a blessed woman Claire. You are lucky of having a good friend here.
    I'm sure you are a good friend to others too.

  13. Must be fun to receive gifts which taste wonderful right?
    I am so happy for you.

  14. Bwahuhuhuhuhu!!!! *rolls on floor crying hysterically!!! Why? Why? Why? Nobody ever sends me anything... My life is so pathetic. Bwahuhuhuhuhu!!!!

  15. Glad you like the surprise, Claire :) Just a lil gift for a nice friend :)

  16. merryn: looked like real coffee, right? :p

    c.alv.B: God's blessings.. yes!

    wengss: i believe we all have good frens one way or another..

    shakira: touched is the word.. feel wonderful to have new frens...

    stp: i envy u la.. mana u pathetic? such a good cook, best father, wonderful friend to have, macho man, talented teacher with a huge humour!
    (pssst, can give me your address or not? see, i have been asking more than 2 times already.. stp tarik harga!)

    barb: sweet thoughts..thanks a lot!

  17. Optical illusion.. kena tipu liao.. hahaha

  18. How lovely to receive such a delicious looking gift! Its fun to receive surprises in the mail! What a nice friend you have.

  19. cheryl: yes.. lovely surprise.. i m blessed to make such nice frens..


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