Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Years Old

I am still on leave. Everything is almost settled now except for some bills. After a few hectic days, life will be back to normal, by the grace of God. Aaron is still around the house for at least two weeks before he goes back to Uni. Andy has gone back to Penang today and I hope he feels alright. He and his grandfather are closer than the rest of us....

Ok, give me a few more days and I m back to my usual self.. ranting and crapping more like those days.

Oh, today is the 11 January...My blog is two years old already, I "gave birth" to her on the 7/1/2008.

This is my diary of events, blogging... it has taught me how to write "essays", and through blogging, I have earned some allowance and gaining many friends from all over Malaysia and from other nations as well.


  1. happy 2 years old, Claire... lol...come, give Mama Cleffy a big harg!

  2. Happy Birthday to auntie's bloggie. i hope all things are well. God bless...

  3. Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU~

    Go ask Elin to bake you a chocolate cake. Chocolate = Happy Food.

    Cheers :)

  4. God is always with you :)

    Take care & *hugs*

  5. Happy Birthday to "Caring Is Not Only Sharing"!

    * Have sent you an email!

  6. Congrats on your blog 2nd aniversary. Same age as my youngest son! LOL!

  7. Happy BIRTHDAY to you!
    Happy BIRTHDAY to you!
    Happy BIRTHDAY to you ...

    Thank GOD, you blog if not I would never get to know you.

    Take care now.

  8. Happy Birthday to "Caring Is Not Only Sharing"! :)

  9. cleff: thank you Mama Cleff.. let grandma here hug to u... *returning hug*

    gab: thank u.. it is few days over actually.. forgotten about it..

    smallkucing: thanks for rerminding me of elin's cake...

    rachel: *hug u back too*

    tekkaus: 2 years.. old a bit leow..

    cindy: i got that.. thanks..

    pete: happy belated birthday wishes to Pete's son!

    shakira: same from here.. if not for some bloggers, we wont be able to know each other too...

    mama mia: thanks.. didnt celebrate in a large scale this year :)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd anniversary!! more to blog and more to come.. :)

  11. leong ning?... Shern yert fai lot !

  12. 2 wonderful years to a refreshing and insightful blog. =)

  13. Hang in there Claire. Happy Birthday to your blog and many more birthdays to come.. :)

  14. wow, 2 years! mine still a long way to go. Happy 2 yrs!

  15. thank u... caring and sharing for 2 years... and getting to know so many nice people like u all out here... wonderful part of my life.. is knowing u all and enjoying each day "Interacting" through our blogs..

  16. You care, we also care la, Claire. All sama sama care :)

  17. Congrats.. Claire... take care..

  18. I am sure you can get back to normal you and routine very soon. Do take more rest.
    Congrats on the 2 years old blog and still going strong. Mine is coming to one soon. :)

  19. Congratulations on your blog's second birthday. I am so glad I found it!

  20. Bannnnguuunnnn pagiiiii, gosooook gigi... cuci muka... pergi maaannnndiiii... turn on pc....baca blog den pergi kerrrrjaaaa...

    LMAO... morning, Claire!

  21. smallkucing: sharing too... our joy, sorrows..

    cathJ: thanks.,.u too...

    superman: thanks.. hope u enjoy blogging as much as i do ...

    cheryl: what a nice thing to say.. thank u...

    Cleffairy: mine ..bangun pagi, buka pc, pergi mandi... :)
    good morning to u too!

  22. Tipu punya... I caught you at Cikgu's place. I bet you belum even mandi when you commented. LMAO!

  23. Happy 2nd blogversary to Caring And Sharing :) More blogging and more sharing. We are of the same age where blogging is concern. Mine just past her 2nd blogversary too! Mine will be more baking and more blogging and know I know lo LOL!

  24. cleff: i said buka pc.. means i onlined first before i mandi-ed.. yes.. i went to stp then i went to mandi lo.. koret ma...

    elin: yes, miss u la.. where r u when i needed u here? miss yr baking, yr cooking, yr cakes, yr green biscuits, yr pasta-s.. and all.... u nv call me to go collect?

  25. Tina Turner is know by the moniker of "Grandmother of Rock" so Claire i shall now, bestow you with 'The Hot mama of Blog" hahahahahahahah

  26. barb: thank u...

    eugene: i know u want to bestow me grandmama of blogs.. just say it! comparing me to tina turner pulak.. how about u? tom jones or elvis? :p

  27. Happy 2nd! stay young as alwayz!
    nice 2 kno a Ipoh-an lik u!

    ~ Innocentia Nihil Probat

  28. happy Birthday to Caring Is Not Only Sharing... and of course all thanks to the Author (YOU! CLAIRE) to give the blog a chance to live!! :D

  29. Happy 2 years old to "Caring is not only Sharing".

  30. Happy "2nd birthday" to your blog. :)

    Take care.

  31. calvyn: thanks.. u ipoh too?

    cynthia: thanks..may our blogs grow old together with us...

    amy: thanks.. when is yours?

    annieQ: how about yours too?

  32. May you have many more wonderful years of writing and sharing with us. ^_^

  33. Happy Bday Reanaclaire! Wow 2 years, almost the same as mine. But of course, your readers are much much much more than mine, so jealous! Haha.

  34. cy: nothing to be jeles of... we r all bloggers ... one big happy family..

    gratitude: thank u... we r one big family as i said.. :)


Thank you, readers!

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