Saturday, February 13, 2010

And The Bird's Nest Goes To...

I left the decision to my sons since they were the ones who bought them.. and the box of bird's nest went to their Paternal Grandmother. The reason was that she is older among the two and her husband (paternal grandfather) had just passed away. So these reasons justified.. I don't want to be biased so I let them decide. After all, they were the ones who paid.. :)

i drank 2 bottles last night..
my cough was slightly better
cos i didnt cough much this morning

so thanks to bird's saliva?

Gongxi Gongxi good health to u all!!!


  1. Better buy the raw ones and brew yourself. Not much confidence in those bottled ones. Sometimes buy one get one free...and quite cheap! Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

  2. Hi Claire. Thanks for your comment on my blog... and just going to have a look at yours! What on earth are birds nests?

  3. Wah, expensive cough mixture leh! hehe

  4. stp: if u ask me to buy, i surely wont buy.. too expensive.. but if my kids buy for me, i wont discourage them by refusing, (Next time sure they wont buy) anything they buy, just say thank you.. :p

    kristy: bird nest is from sparrow's saliva and meant to rejuvenate us... hahhaa.. ladies, i mean..

    cheekeong: same to u...

    gratitude: i never ask them the price... :)

  5. Thanks for sharing what it is...but I would be totally honest if I said that I cannot for the life of me imagine drinking it..euch!

  6. We also had that, given by our students, but haven't tried yet...

  7. great! u hv recovered. Happy CNY!

  8. Ouh...ok good reasoning. :) very democratic.

  9. Birds nest? I am not familiar with that. So glad you are feeling better in time for your holiday celebrations. Take care and have a wonderful time.

  10. Good to hear that your cough getting better, now can enjoy the chinese new year "makan makan"!

  11. Wah drink liao the face also looks younger leh. No more 28. More like 18. Is that Eu yan Sang? they should ask you to be their abbassador :p


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