Friday, February 12, 2010

For Paternal Or Maternal Grandma?

When I reached home around 1pm this afternoon, I saw an unfamiliar car near my gate. Slowly I drove up cautiously, and upon reaching, I realized that the boy who came out of the car was Andy. I was indeed very surprised to see him cos he told me that he would be reaching very late this evening. This fella... He is always full of cheekiness... purposely said that so that he could surprise me!
Later, in his room he took out these 2 boxes of ginsengbirds' nests. He told me that he and his brother shared to buy these 2 boxes. They said one is for me and one box is for grandmother. But they cannot decide which grandmother to give to... one maternal and one paternal... I told them to decide themselves...

They said its good for my cough...
my never-seem-to-end cough...
So I took 2 bottles just now...

And the other box
To give Paternal or Maternal Granny?
Tomorrow in my next post.. :p


  1. You will have to tell this Westerner what birds nest is:)

  2. lynette: if i tell u, then u will find them really gross..hahaha.. birds nests come from the saliva of the sparrows..they dried up the saliva and become a delicacy for rejuvenating purposes...

  3. aiyoh... they are so so so sweeet! Happy New Year to U my fren.

  4. awww... I hope my boy wil be like you sons... surprise2 all.. I love surprise... hahahhahah...

    MMM... bagi 2 la.. both dpt... ;-p

  5. andy is a fine boy and you have taught him well :D gong xi fa cai to you and your family :)

  6. not fair.. both shud get :D and another box for me too :P lol.. ur sons are well brought up.. congrats claire for having done a good job with them

    Happy Chinese New Year to you.. :)

    * william just bought me a box of bird's nest too.. and he bought another box for MY mom :D (nothing for his mom though) lol..

  7. Looks like there are six bottles in each box, is it possible to give each Grandmother three bottles, and put into a nice gift bag with tissue paper to keep them from bumping around in the bag?

  8. hahaha split it lor. 3 for papa-side, 3 for momma side. :D and wrap it up nicely. :D

  9. Give to both ? Maybe give up your share, so your boyz won't be torn between the grandmas ? I'd do that..

  10. Of course give to both. Must be fair. :)

  11. How wonderful your son arrived home earlier to surprise you. Very sweet!


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