Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Favorite Month

Time seems to rocket off ... one week ago, it was Chinese New Year eve, my kids and I were in high holiday mood, welcoming the long leave break. Today is Saturday, Aaron has gone back to college, Andy is going off tomorrow, in another day or so, everything is back to normal. Back to school and me, back to work... sienzzzz...

Not that I am grumbling, it is just that I miss the fun we had when we were together.. the joy and togetherness as a big family is rare, fellowship-ing with one another with my siblings is a once-a-year affair.

On the positive side, I just calculated that I just have to work for 16 days only!!!! How about that!

How nice if every month is like February hahahahaaa... *kan siew*


  1. Oh yes!!! 16 days only eh? shiok!

  2. i work like twice a week only leh? hahahhahaha.. :P

  3. Hi..thanx for visiting my blog. I have added u to my blog list too.

    Yah time surely passes so quickly especially when we are having a good time.

  4. Time to look forward to the next reunion! ^_^

  5. Medie Mum's sending medie to airport today too...

  6. merryn: yeah, feb shortest month ma.. :) and i took 3 days off ..

    leona, thanks for adding, i will add u now too..

    gratitude: yeah, wait for 365 days.. hahaha...

    medie: have a smooth journey and happy working :( to us!

  7. Around here, I would pick a month other than February, because we have a lot of snow and bad weather. May and June are nice months. Hope you aren't too lonely without your children. No matter how old they get it's still nice to have them around. But after a few days, it's also nice to see them all go home. LOL

  8. By end of next week, the month is gone...10 months left to the end of the year, 9 months to my daughter's holidays...and 8, if I'm going over in October... Very soon, she would have finished and will be back! How time flies!

  9. Time really flies, doesn't it, the reunion, the makaning and the minuming is all gone down, so we are again back to the grind.......

  10. tekkaus: got.. some bosses dont like, they say, time is money.. :0

    patty: yes, for u, May and June, summer! for me here, hot hot hot all year

    stp: yes, very very soon, she will be back in sibu and then u will mention again, "Oh, how these 2 years flies..Melissa is back home.." lol..
    so u r going in 8 months time? wow.. great! we can see NZ pics then..

    hey Eugene!! long time no hear, so u r back to Penang sweet Penang.. u must have scores to post.. :)

  11. yea, i will back to work tomorrow also, sure i cannot wake up. :( :(

    Eh, next week friday another PH holiday lei. hahahhahah so i looking forward to it and have another 3 days off. :)

  12. Oh I know the empty house feeling well. Now that Ashton has graduated from high school and is in her first year of college its so quiet and lonesome for me. My older sons have their own places and lives and we see each other alot but its never the same. I would love to be back when they were all little again! But you will always have the fun and joy of looking forward to the children being all together again and catching up with each other and it will be wonderful!

  13. annieQ: work 4 days tomorrow onwards and get 3 days off..hahahhahaha.. kan siew again.. :)

    Cheryl: yes, we parents look forward to seeing our kids once awhile.. this is the cycle of life, i guess..

    sjb: yeah, sayang dan rindu..

  14. Maybe Feb is all moms' favourite huh? So many fantastic things going on.

    But I think kids don't really looking forward to Feb 'cos they all need to start to go to classes :o)


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