Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yummy Yammy Cake

Elin is so lovable... she baked this yummylicious delicious liew-cious yam cake (woo tau koe)
and gave it to me last week. Really very "hau fook" ... it happened that I saw one yam cake in her blog and exclaimed that I love to eat anything that has something to do with yam... that very minute she said she would make me one when she had the time. True enough, on the 3rd day of CNY, she called to ask me to collect!! Happy or not, if u were me? LOL...

just look at the top fillingS!!!

can u see the yam embedded in between?
so yummy or not, u tell me... hahhaaa...


  1. I oso wanna be her colleague, friend and blogger friend. I wanna shift so that i stay near her, so dat i get all the good food too!!! ENVY!!!!

  2. WAH!!! I'm drooling now, i love yam cake and look at the "liew" on top. OMG!! Look at the picture i also can feel how yummylicious it is. I also want!!! Now you make me so hungry.

  3. Aiyooooooorrrrr!!!! That must be the BEST yam cake in the world. Just see, also droooool liao!!! You're using your new camera yet?

  4. count it as God's blessing to you.

  5. wow, this is delicious. i love yam cake and this one has so many toppings. you are so blessed :D

  6. merryn: jom, come to ipoh.. be our colleague, friend and blogger!! still got vacancy one.. :)

    annieQ: terribly tempting hor? how not to put on weight??? rounded now also worth it!

    stp: hahaha.. in every post u asked me that.. no, not yet, we sayang to use it yet ...btw, aaron has taken it back to his U today..

    rachel: yes, yes!! everyday is indeed a blessing, good or food, God blesses us!

    barb: perhaps next time if we meet up, we have a feast here in ipoh? :) elin will thump me on my head.. hahaha...

  7. That looks wonderful and I adore yams. Just googled Yam Cake and see there are many recipes.
    Thanks, I will try to make one.

  8. Parents...all the same! All the good things - give to anak! SIGH!!! LOL!!!

  9. Hi, just want to know if you'll still join BC bloggers
    I'm already drafting the list. Joining is until tom. :)

  10. Awww....the top filling is damn rich! LOL :D

  11. As I said so, you're the luckiest one among us! I think you two going to be a perfect match! One love cooking and the other one love eating....

  12. Btw, 'gong xi fatt chai' & 'xin nien kuai le' to you & your family too. Wishing you the very best.
    Best regards,

  13. arkansaspatti: hope u post u the pics when u have done with the yam cake!

    stp: memang macam tu! hahahaa.. very natural one, right?

    paula: ok ok, i go over now :)

    tekkaus: drool... :p

    wenn: sedap ditengok, lazat dimakan...

    mylittlespace: hope our cooperation will continue.. thank u for your wishes..

    angelbear: I miss that too now!

  14. You are really lucky have a colleage like Elin :)

    look nice and i think taste also nice

  15. Wow, I would love to have a friend like Elin! How lucky you are and she certainly is a devoted friend. The cake looks very yummy!

  16. chvoon : yes, very nice.. full of fillings and yam...

    cheryl: yummy yammy, that was wat i called it.. hahah...

    sjb: me too, anything with yam, i like..

  17. This woo tau kou really 'gao liew'! See the top filling and the yam , i am drooling lah

  18. I also enjoying in my birthday party of yammy cake??

  19. ooo, recipe pleaseeeeee !! yummy yam...


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