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"Mistaken Identity"

Woke up early to go to work, remembered putting my handphone and purse into my handbag. But upon reaching office, I realized my purse was not in my handbag. Panick-ed... Searched my car, nope.. not there... called home to ask my kid to look for it everywhere, to the extent of searching it in the dog's kennel, porch, gate... road.... the answer was negative.

Gosh.. I couldn't work, my mind not at ease, I couldn't even have appetite for my breakfast, ate my noodles and somehow it was kind of tasteless...
My ID, credit cards, ATM cards, money, driving licence, darn... have to go police station.. so much to do.. so leceh!

After few phone calls back home to no avail, I started to pray.... prayed...God, please let my purse be found, wherever it is, I miss it... I will not take for granted anymore, I will zip my handbag from today onwards...
Two hours later, my handphone rang... Andy called.... "MUM, your purse is here la!! I thought that was mine but actually it was yours!" (both of us have black wallets, so it was sort of "mistaken identity.")

Ooooohhhh... I M SO RELIEVED!! PHEW... how I left my purse at home when I remember in actual fact, I really put it in my handbag, it really muddled me.. was I that absentminded? NO, I think it is an act of God answering my prayer...

Thank you God... Thank you... THANK YOU!!


  1. thank God it's Andy who mistakenly took yr purse.

  2. hahaha..wenn, he didnt take it, he tot the one he saw was his wallet ...and his actual one was in his own room.. mistaken identity.. :)

  3. I thought you were suppose to be on leave today???

  4. no, tat was yesterday, today i went to office..

  5. Thank God... ^_^

    same wallet?? ;-p

  6. Yeah, sometimes God can help us, but we must him tell about our problems...
    Servus and so long from Germany

  7. oh ok.. i got my dates jumbled up :D

  8. daddy: same to u. added u up...

    cathJ: same colour.. :) black..

    kvelli: thanks for coming by...

    merryn: cant blame u.. now u r super star ma.. :p

  9. hahaha...understand how u feel...kena mis-swap with my brother one worry that my waller lost too that time...

  10. Thank God you got your wallet back. My handbag got stolen once..*sigh* so much hassle I tell you.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

  11. least it is still considered safe. :)

  12. You must be really relieved! Prayers do work...I always believe that. X

  13. He's still in Ipoh, I guess. Lucky thing he did not take it back with him to Penang! LOL!!!

  14. Phew... Really thank God!!

    Imagine the hassle we have to go thru if our purses hilang...

    just thinking about it makes me tired :P

  15. Phew... Really thank God!!

    Imagine the hassle we have to go thru if our purses hilang...

    just thinking about it makes me tired :P

  16. Lucky...ur purse is at home.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

  17. good to hear that u not lost your purse.. it is very mafa if lost and need to report police some more...

  18. via: u too? time must put a mark there.. easier to identify..

    kathy: yeah, panicky too!

    gwenmummy: mine too..wallet snatched! sigh...

    tekkaus: yes, now very safe with me.. :)

    sjb: praise Him too!

  19. fely: i believe that too.. somehow or rather, there is an answer..

    stp: yes, he is going back tomorrow.. i will chase him to pg if he took mine back.. hahaha..

    agnes: yes, i gone thru that too last time, anything that needs to go Police station is very mar farn..

    mery: gongxi to u too! yes, safe at home.. :)

    chvoon: police and then to JPJ, registration IC, banks... and goodness knows what else.. now im so relieved!

  20. Lucky you...I can just imagine all the pain of getting ID's, drivers cards etc. Eeekkk!

  21. Aiyoyo.... we sounded exactly the same! hahaha.... Like a crazy woman! Frankly, I have a very small memory space.. So, what I did now is to list down whatever I wanted to do & things to keep on a piece of paper everyday. Good lord! Hopefully, I didn't miss out anything. But guess what? I forgotten to switch off the batery charger before I left home on the New year eve. It's not in my list....AAAAAAAA...

  22. I too would have been very upset if such a thing had happened to me. How wonderful everything turned out to be ok!

  23. lynette: yes, money is the smallest problem, the tasks of getting everything replaced are big problems!

    kristy: i better start noting them down somewhere, probably in my hp, my memory seems to be fading.. hahaha...

    cheryl; yes, thank God!


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