Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Nose Runs...

ahhh..choooo..... xcuse me...
My nose is running... but at times it got stuck ... and my voice sounds bonnie tyler now....

Ok, so I have a running nose today, so what's else is new??.. so sudden...must be from my mama.. (jangkit liow) I rang her up just now, she told me she was feeling very fine, she even went for a haircut this evening! I was happy to hear that and I told her, "no wonder la... your germs must have hopped over to me liow!"

Anyway, I rather be the one who is sick than she....... after all or at least I can get MC, right???? shhhhhh...

Gosh, I m feeling the effects of the medicine now... going to hit the pillows.... nite...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Oh--I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Your 'quickie' dinner looked wonderful. Here in America, we use chicken soup as a cure-all... Hope you get to feeling MUCH better soon.

  2. Patut lah tak nampak u online.. hahaha..ur nose can run ah? kesian... go chase chase.. faster!

  3. Poor you...take care of yourself now.

  4. Rest lor... and drinks lots of water. Wear a mask leh...don't spread the germs!

  5. I have been feeling the same too. Hope you feel better soon, I know as a mum the pile of house chores await you regardsless of how you feel.

  6. aiya....go rest...dont go near the kids...later jangkit susah.

    Get well soon

  7. That medication really wacked you hard my friend...hope you will feel better soon.

    PS Thank you for the wishes and prayers...I appreciate it very much.

  8. That's why. You should take care of yourself Claire. It's almost CNY. :p

  9. Oh dear! Get well soon, take care! Get Carinox (RM7.00 - made in Malaysia. The imported original - Clarinaise - RM14.00) available at pharmacies. Instant relief! And take lots of Vitamin C!

  10. get well soon..
    last week i had ahhhhh chiu ahh chiu ah chiu chiu chiu, 5 sneezes on a row.. and repeated few times in 1 hour, then can only breathe using mouth lagi charm.. HAHAHA..

  11. Rest well, sister, blogging can wait, we all can wait, PPP can wait, what else can wait? mmmmmmmmmm, blog hoping can wait, but health cant wait.

    take care now sister

  12. catch it quick before it ran too far away haahahah ur running nose lar hahahahaah take care n get well soon

  13. hi, my first time at your sites...u're really an experienced blogger! :)

    hope u're feeling much better today. take care!

  14. Get well soon, Claire.

    Ah AhChoo Choo..faster go away...

  15. Oh dear...this viruses just like the baton running. Passing here and there. Hope you get well soon.

  16. Ohhh, take care. Hope u get well soon....CNY coming lorr, must yam seng and low sang!

  17. Get well soon, Claire. It seems that everyone gets sick easily these days.

  18. betsy: thanks.. i m resting at home now.. just woke up at 11am..

    mingna: yes, i will!

    merryn: ya la.. i know u will look for me wee hours at night.. got my nose back and we went to sleep early early !

    shakira: sorry, cannot hug hug u back, nanti jangkit..hahaha...

    chrisau: nasibbaik u remind me, nanti i go hospital... free ma..

  19. jh: the chores will have to wait.. we got to rest well first.. :)

    rainbow angeles: thank u for yr well wishes..

    smallkucing: yeah last night me and girl slept separate rooms.. macam sudah gaduh..

    lynette: we r all God's children..

    medie007: any advice, doc?

    sjb: thanks, gal!

    tekkaus: that's why... i took mc today.. i got one sau koong jau on friday!! hope i recover then...

  20. stp: wah..u seem to be a pharmacist or r u used to having flu too? thanks for your info.. i will keep that in view, last night i took one of my mum's tablet, it really zoomed me into dreamland!

    donna: mine not so much aaahhhccooo at home, mine is like waterfall, the water runs thru my nose... haahah.. then ah, i hv to breath thru my mouth like u.. like submerryn... ouch!

    eugene: all can wait except blog hopping..hahahaa..

  21. manglish: yeah, caught up with it last night and we went to sleep cosy cosy...:)

    ryeli: yes, i m better now..thanks..

    mommyling: i cannot seem to get yr blog.. hope u r reading this...

    mNhL: yes, lower resistence will get it..eg Me..

    pete: this friday got geng lunch la. i wanna get well fast!

  22. cleffairy: u take care too... dont get mixed up with all the drugs.. *wink*

  23. get better Claire! Thanks for all your support !!!

  24. Get well soon Claire. Get enough rest and drink more water. Me also under the weather since last weekend, today feel much better, but still got nose blocked and with sexy voice too! hahahhahaha

  25. Yikes, on top of all that has happened to you lately, now this! Get plenty of rest and fluids!

  26. jen: anytime... ya

    annieQ: better take care yrself too.. cny coming.. if sick, cannot eat a lot.. that is very alarming! hahaha..

    cheryl: yes.. this is life.. im resting at home, yeah.. no work for 2 days..

  27. I hate running nose too... urghhh... got that few days ago... I wallop flue medicine.. nxt day I am fine.. phieww..

  28. We are exactly the same.I also have a runny nose, and it really feels so irritating.

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