Monday, February 1, 2010

Pay Up Time!!

When I mentioned in my previous post that I have to spend a big portion on the repairs of my house, it is none other than my house gate... sigh....

Last week, my auto gate let me down... it just wouldn't budge... I was thinking, "this is it! great! letting me down at this time...chinese new year around the corner... anything also charge higher at this time."

How much for a new control box? RM1,300.00!!! *there goes my savings*

Then... another incident... Labbie, my supposedly smart dog who "hung" my bracelet on my door, remember her? Well, she bit or chewed or walloped up my friend's new car's number plate ... the whole number plate dropped and some parts were missing! I bet her stomach were full of plastic if an X-Ray were to be done on her stomach! What will she do next!

Another payout of course, have to compensate my fren, right? ...sigh.... *fly, money, fly*


  1. Oh dear, poor Claire.
    things will get better , i am sure. things will always happened, good or bad. most important, no one is hurt, right?

  2. hello hello!
    Thanks for stopping by my page and supporting me. I'm just a new blogger and trying to make more friends =) i'll be visiting your page more !!
    take care

    w/ love: Jen

  3. Oh dear...maybe you should go buy your friend's car plate number. Maybe Mr Tiger will be generous and give you an angpau

  4. shakira: yeah yeah.. be thankful that it is just money..and not anything else.. :p

    ladyjae: thanks for coming by too!

    chris: *hint* so u know what to do la this cny...

    smallkucing: Mr. Tiger? or Miss Labbie.. which is which..hahaha..

  5. Wah, your dog chewed up car number plates....luckily not the tyres...don't worry lah, your boss might give good bonus for CNY!

  6. So here's a lesson for all of us. Use manual gates. :p

  7. Mine's manual... Old and rusty...and dirty. Missus was using pressure pump to wash and clean... Guess she's getting ready for Chinese New Year. Me....not in the mood for a celebration. Sobs! Sobs!

  8. My autogate is acting up also...Sometimes jalan, sometimes tak jalan....sigh...kepala pusing....

  9. Hi Reana, guess the stars not in right alignment or fung shui not working?
    Yes, sometimes problems like this tend to come unexpectedly, and I know, understand how you feel, 'fly money fly'.

    Out of curiosity, why you need an electrical control box?
    Why not go manual, then save money, use hand power?
    Anyway, I guess you know better. Just stay easy keep well, Lee.

  10. So sorry about the misfortunes. I am sure better "sunny" days will be just around the corner for you! Take care.

  11. ohhhh there goes my angpow oso sob sob ahhahaha....who knows u may strike lottery b4 cny hahahha

  12. there goes the money...gate & dog acting up at the same time..headache. who knows? maybe got blessing in disguise. The Tiger may bring you double luck.. :)

  13. well,just in time for the bonus,,,,i guess,anyway sis,dont fret,firstly,something things will go kaput one, secondly now you know how well you have been feeding labbies,, so strong till can chew off the number plate

    god is good, blessing is on the way

  14. sorry to hear this Claire. No worries...bonus time is coming? May you have lots of paid posts to write very soon :D

  15. @Claire...=( I wish i can skip CNY this year. U see, Claire, money is an issue to me, and I am thinking of how to survive February while my husband is oblivious to my thoughts. The man just wanna celebrate CNY... while me, thinking how we can survive with little funds. His business going pretty slow lately, and it's me whose doing all the financial backup and i am not in the mood to go out of the house at all, cuz if go out, sure nid to spend. =( Please pray for me, Claire, and I'll pray that things will get better for you.

    Things are tough, I know. But God is a good teacher. Perhaps He's telling all of us to live in moderation, and warn us to always think ahead by saving for the rainy day.Probably, He is telling everyone to spend wisely, for the economy is not doing good. He's doing this to prepare us for the worst. Things could get worst, you know? He's just preparing all of us, I'm sure of it.

    You taught me earlier on that if we're grateful for wud we have, even during the bad times, we will still feel blessed. January was hard for me, with all the $$ nonsense, but I still feel blessed, because i still have just enuff to go for another day, and a roof over my head. Things could get worst for me, you know? I'm sure God will take care of you. Don't worry too much, Claire. Be'll see, everything will be fine.

    @SCikgu... I'll buy you one big ikan bakar, ok? dun go booohoo hooo... LOL... I oso dun hv mood to celebrate. Sobsob...and nobody buys anything to feed me oso!

  16. Claire.. got go buy number or not? I gave that number to william dy.. doubt he will buy lah.. he doesnt do this one.. hahahaha..

    wait until i learn how to drive then i go buy.. haha

  17. Gosh....all came in the wrong timing huh !

    btw, dog eat car plate?

  18. well.. as least the money are spent wisely - for upgrades and important things.. =)

  19. ayoooo..... sabar only la...hehehhehe...

  20. Claire, poh choi dong joi...

    Write more paid posts then mai earn back lor... don't feel too bad...

    And hope that your mum gets well soon :)

    Take care!

  21. smalltiger: so tiger growls and eat!

    pete: mana ada bonus! eelek la..

    tekkaus: manual? car also auto la.. hahaha.. now become lazy and lazier..

    stp: i know why, i know why.. poooor STP.. maybe we can help cheer u up later this year!

    daddy: mine already pusing banyak kali.. still pusing-ing .. sigh...

  22. U.Lee, u dont gate done by my late husband, very heavy one.. so hv to push push like mad if manual.. phewwww...

    cheryl: hope so.. let the weak say i m strong..hahaa..but today i got flu already..sigh..

    manglish: how to strike if i dont buy..hahaa..

    mamamia: woof,,,woof... rowl..growl..

    eugene: no bonus for me la... and maybe i dint feed labbie enohgh, right?

    barb: no bonus for me lar.. paid post still cannot see yet...

  23. See whether you can hold on the repairs after CNY is over?

  24. sorry to hear about this. Hope this coming cny, bring your more money luck and more paid post!!

    What happen to your Labbie lei, so hungry till she had to "wallop" your friend's new car number plate. cute *ooopppss, i know you're sad over this, but it's a bit funny i cannot stop want to laugh a bit* :P

  25. sjb: memang mahal.. but what to do..

    annieq: hopefully got more paid post.. but the way i see these days, macam tak laku.. hahhaa...
    labbie ah? sigh.. this lady dog wallops anything..wai sik like the owner.. sigh..


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