Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Bowling Session Together

Sons are back! After breakfast or brunch (11am already) in Wah Nam, we adjourned to Jaya Jusco to cool our bodies temperature. Weather is still super HOT in Ipoh! Main intention going to Jusco is have a bowling session. Goodness, I have not bowl since I was single and that was so many decades ago.

When they started to bowl, I couldn't resist not having a hand on that game as well.  When they started to bowl, I couldn't resist not having a hand on that game as well.  Malumalu la.. as long as I don't drop the ball on my toes and create a scene... LOL....

Check this site if you also want to get some knowledge about bowling. 

Gabriel, the bowling expert..

Aaron in Action

guess who?

Andy, who else...

followed by the Girl...throwing action!

and lastly, this Woman's Action!
the potential national players?? LOL...
We had a good time...
Perhaps next week we go again??


  1. One of the most games I like..why? indoor and cool hehehe

  2. Wei...your hand okay or not ah? Carry heavy bowling ball.

  3. alv.b: yes.. cooling but no sweat la.. only at the palms.. hahaha...

    kathy: ok liow.. my son asked me not to post up my healed hand.. very yucky wor.. hahaha..

  4. Good exercise and family get together!

  5. looks fun!

    oh my geee....hehehhe...long time no hear Claire....glad you came by...thanks for the visit!

    good to be here again!

  6. War...potential national players? You guys are going to replace Shalin Zulkifi lar? :p

  7. wah.. no loh... wheather has been hot EVERYWHEREEEEE~~ Johor also hot until can die...
    Sabah (where i always fly to, u asked b4, but i never reply T.T) hot until die also can instantly mereput

  8. First, how wonderful you and your children had a great time doing something together that you like! Everyone looks very professional! Me, I usually end up throwing gutter balls, its safer for me to just watch.

  9. Pete: yes, that is the point. :)

    dhemz: great to see u returning to my blog.. do stay in touch!

    tekkaus: er.. i tot she retired already from the limelight?

    donna: everywhere also can die la.. true true. but hopefully not by melting under the sun :)

    wenn: me too.. yesterday was a good game..

    cheryl: We may look like it but we r definitely not! hahha.. it is just having fun, yeah..

  10. 1st and last time I bowled was in 1980 in Melbourne, swung the bowl and it flew into the air and came crashing down, all heads turned to look...and it rolled straight ahead and knocked down all the pins! STRIKE!!! Everyone clapped! I was so embarrassed and my friend scolded me - "That's not how people bowl!" Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. Wow very nice all blogger is very interstitial.

  12. stp: wow..threw up in the air and still can strike? hahaha,,,then u r a good striker!! for me what i feared was.. throwing in the air but masuk longkang..hahahha...

    lasvegas: thank u..

    sjb: yes, a fruitful outing..

  13. So unfair! You showed us the pics of their behinds except for yourself! :P How many times the ball rolled into the longkang? lolz

  14. What a nice family outings. We had that 3 years ago with hubby and SILs and we really had a GOOD LAUGH at each other because we are not pro in bowling. Laugh till stomach ache. hahah... but we really enjoyed a lot. Since the kids are around now, we had to wait till they grow older a bit before we continue to enjoy again. ^_^

  15. wooo...bowling, long time never play leh...

  16. Happy-nyer!! The last time I bowled was like ages ago and I stopped coz... the ball rolled backwards... Damn memalu-fying man!!

  17. wah, long time I didn't "bowl" jugak leh

  18. gratitude: my pic is also there.. how come u dont know?? masuk longkang? cannot tell u.. must come and see LIVE.. hahaha...

    peachkins: thanks for hopping over!

    mNhL: yes, the actions were very humorous one.. natural actions... :)

    agnes: that was why i was afraid of.. hahaha...

    amy: i guess many of us never..

    uli: myself also many many years never played..till yesterday..

  19. Wah...that 'woman' in action looks very pro leh! Hope you showed the young ones how it's supposed to be done! hehehe...X

  20. psttt.. fely, most of my throws went into the longkang actually!! *shy*


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