Monday, March 1, 2010

All Eat And No Play Sure Cannot One!

After all the food and "makan-ing", we finally decided to shed off some or most of the calories... We cannot be eating and eating and not shedding, right?

All Eat And No Play is making us turn into gluttons, pumpkins, fei chai, fei por...

So...after our brunch dim sum, our next agenda on the list is badminton. YEHH!!! Finally! After hanging up my racket for three whole months, I was actually looking forward to playing a game or two in the court, I planned to play only one or two games, so as not to over-exert myself again, BUT I ended up playing four, five or six games! So far, so good...

Gab & Aaron in action
Me? Resting my worn out bones
during interval..


  1. Haha...well someone had to take all the photos!!

  2. Bowling, are one active person Claire. I only blog. At least my fingers are fit..hahahah!

  3. Ah! Badminton here. Already commented in your table tennis post...

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  5. I thing playing football is the best way to slim down. :p

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