Monday, March 1, 2010

A Time For Us

Badminton session was over by 3.3opm... Went home and had a short rest before adjourning to church for my worship practice at 5pm.. At around 6pm, I rushed home to cook a simple meal for all 6 of six. Then after our dinner at 7pm, we lingered around in the house.... and.... our next session of exercise began at around 8.15pm!!

Someone commented, Aaron or Gab, I couldnt remember, he said, "Today is like sports carnival, one game after another.... " Yeah, the weekend had been very productive, besides the feasting session, we had a good time of sports....

getting ready (for the camera)


Why everyone seems to be smiling one??

got "gaya" or not?

very serious game
no play-play one..

Last Saturday was a day to remember...
a time of eating...
a time of playing...
a time of togetherness..


  1. healthy activity.
    healthy mind. equates healthy body. yeah!!!

  2. u still play badminton???? table tennis is ok lah. i love it!!! i envy u claire. you have such wonderful family n friends there with u. wat i did last weekend was swimming with ethan n william. it was great too :D

    *william still finds the submerryn attractive in the water! wink wink! (kembang sikit) lol*

  3. tuti: in malay says, badan sihat otak cergas.. hahaha

    merryn: yo.. i miss playing.. maybe this saturday will play one more time.. :) table tennis also ok lar but have to pick the ball very often.. sakit pinggang la..
    oh, u know how to swim one? i no know .. so sked of water one..
    may i know what william find in submerryn that is so nice under? *wink wink*

  4. i love badminton and table tennis too but don't play anymore. Too occupied with work.

  5. Nice time together. I wish I have the time like that. I need to exercise more now after CNY.

  6. Looks like everyone was having a great time. Another wonderful family memory to cherish!

  7. And you also play table tennis. I raise my! x

  8. woah seems like a realy really busy day wor! glad u had fun though =)

  9. Go slow on that... Old people, the heart often cannot take it. Know of many friends/people...heart just gave when when playing badminton! Dunno table tennis...

  10. sure got play or sweat keh hahahaahhah

  11. STP - lol.. dun lah say OLD PEOPLE. Claire is not old. She's still nice :)

    Claire, submerryn are meant to be underwater :D

  12. LOL-ed so hard at Merryn's comment. Ahahahahah....haiyorr, Claire, go easy la...I used to go horseback riding and archery and bowling, but don't do those anymore. The only thing i do now is swimming... go swimming la, very relaxing wan!

  13. Very healthy family activities :-). Keep it up, don't be like me (lazy bum) :-)

  14. exercise is good for the body..just don't overdo saja la.. :)

  15. sporting events once in a while sure is good for us :). I need to exercise too haha.

    reana please check your email. thank you ^_^.

    signed - ladyviral

  16. Wa mama mia, you terror lah, all roounded, you cook well, badminton well, ping pong also can go,,,, but then again like Arthur said,jaga jaga juga no, nanti hati tak boleh sustain the vigor of it ya?

    ok,tell you something i am good in Ping Pong too,,, hahahahah, dont believe it,,, you can challenge me anytime,,,,,,running, swimming , tennising, ping ponging, no problem tapi kena jaga juga lah,,,

  17. Hi table tense is very interstice game this game is very nice and free mind game.

  18. Healthy activity indeed for the mind and soul. Wonderful bonding time too. ^_^

    You seem to lead a wondeful lifestyle. Glad for you! ^_^

  19. aiyoh...i wish i can have this activity...been in meeting room frm 9am - 7pm everyday now....really tiring ler...need to exercise liow.

  20. chrisau: meaning i m fat chor, hai mai?

    wenn: dont work too hard :) money is always not enough leh..

    superman: i dont know when the next time for exercise will come.. all my kakis have left.. :(

    cheryl: yes, a good time together.. :)

  21. fely: jack of all trades la. hahaha..

    Jen: yes we had fun...

    stp: yeah , my sis also told me that, yes, i m also scared.. will go slow.. now that my sons are not here, no more such exercises..

    manglish: got gaya only, right?

    merryn: old la.. once 50, considered senior citizen chor... anyway thank u so much for your compliment...

    cleff: i wish i could swim.. but i very sked of water la. really one.. i cannot breathe!

    sjb: bukan hebat, memang gaya saja..

  22. boeyjoey: once awhile only la..

    mamamia: yeah, now i relax. once awhile can la...

    ade: thanks.. i have replied..

    eugene: i dare not challenge u lar.. i play for fun only.. click clock, click clock saja :)

    restaurants: yes, it is a very nice game..

    gratitude: thanks.. i try to lead one like this.. but sometimes it is hard...

    via: all work and no play makes ..... a dull girl.. i m talking about me, of course..

  23. After Badminton my son now picking up ping pong, just bought him a new bat!

  24. War...look like very pro o. :p

  25. look at the types of movement during the badminton session and discuss the energy system used. describe how all energy systems play a part during the session.what impact does a hot day have on your game compared to a cooler one.

  26. pete: good.. these are fun healthy games for the young!

    tekkaus: yeah..looks like, as u said.... hahaha...

    restaurantslasvegas: thanks for the info..

  27. oh my, made me remember my old days when I even played pingpong wearing a baju kurung. wahaha

  28. Hi i very fain for badminton and i love very much indian tenis star Sania mirza.


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