Friday, March 19, 2010

All I have To Do Is Dream...

Dream.... dream, dream, dream.... dreammmmm....
In the evenings, I will take my Labbie for walks....
Along these lovely tar walks...
I will gaze upon the greens...
In the power of the awesome sunset...
I feel the breeze on my face...
This is a blissful place...
Yes, I am dreaming, I will continue to dream....
Dream that I have them all...


  1. I wish I can have such a house too. :D

  2. i wish to own a bungalow house oo..

  3. vely2 rich ,reanaclaire.your home just like those in U.S Beverly Hills

  4. eh.. i want to go those banglo show house, take a pic and tell ppl that is my house..
    ahahaha, but too bad, no one is that free to entertain me.. T.T

  5. bungalow, big garden... dream big, maybe it's possible :D gambate!

  6. tekkaus: i aso wish i have...

    joblessgirl: thank u...thank u...

    wenn: but if wanna clean, pengsan lo...

    ah ngao: if mine ah, i fatt tatt lo..

    donna: haha...definitely i wont say that..not my house ma..

    wensher: jia you... haha.. u can la,, i too late to earn already..

  7. wow! such a nice communities... may i know where is this place? I'm still prefer condominium... don mind have a unit in downtown KL ... such as OneKL.

  8. wahhhhh... you look good lah my fren... ^_^

  9. I want toooo...but cannot afford...

  10. TZ: condo is good where security is concerned.. but when go shopping, buy too much, then cham.. :)

    cath: thanks my fren :)

    kathy: maybe yours is bigger? :)

  11. Dream it and you will get it soon!

  12. 'In the evenings, I will take my Labbie for walks....'

    Labbie took those pics for you? ;P

    Btw, very nice place there =)

  13. big house. Wonder who's the owner hehehe.

  14. Great things of dreams are that the sky is the limit.

  15. what a dream! continue dreaming:-)

  16. A real dream house to settle down & retire one day...Keeps the dream on :-)

  17. Wah! Where is this? You have very rich friend in KL kah? Stayed there when you went over? Boyfriend kah? Wink! Wink!!!

  18. Dreaming is fun. If you can't dream then you are living a nightmare!

  19. So fun to dream, maybe one day your dreams will come true.


Thank you, readers!

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