Friday, March 19, 2010

Her Game Of Chess

Getting ready for a game of chess... actually "berlagak" only.. both she and I do not know how to play one.... but we were fascinated by this set of marble chess on the table...

Three days in KL was really nice, all we did was to go out and enjoy.... enjoy walking, eating, meeting up with family members and of course, my lovely lady bloggers! Time really flies... but in the next few days, I will continue to post about my KL trip...
anybody set to play??


  1. Jom play! :D It's been such a long time since I last play chess.

  2. OHHHHHH, MYYYYYY GAAWWWWWWDDD... Come, come, come find Cleffy jie jie. Jie jie teach u play, Ah Girl! I wan play! Very long never play liao! OMG, OMG! I wan, I wan...

    Gosh, the chess set is so exquisite... I can't afford such an expensive chess set. Mine is only worth Rm15.00, the tournament sized ones, made from plastic. :( Sobsob!

    But den, this chess set...will be quite hard to play. The colours are not so...clear!

  3. oh-owww.... frankly speaking... I hate this games...hahahhahahah....

  4. errr....i was in Chess club when i was Standard 4..learn nothing from it except horse suppose to move in L shape...kakaka

  5. chess! long time never play...

    but the chess look nice


Thank you, readers!

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