Saturday, March 6, 2010

Foong PC's Tag cum Contest

Weekend is here, having nothing much to do, I went blog hopping and found FoongPC's contest post. This is a tag from him and anyone from Malaysia and Singapore are eligible to take up this tag challenge. For international bloggers, you can also join in as long as you are an entrecard member. There will be three winners according to Foong and he will pick them at random. So.. here goes mine :-

1. Najib vs Mahathir - Mahathir
2. Facebook vs Twitter - Facebook
3. Lady Gaga vs Beyonce - Beyonce
4. PJ vs KL - PJ
5. iPhone vs Nexus One - iPhone
6. Blackberry vs HTC - Blackberry
7. Firefox vs Google Chrome - Firefox
8. Nikon vs Canon DSLR - Canon DSLR
9. sex vs sleep - Sex
10. eating vs sex - Sex
11. call vs sms - call
12. sunny vs rainy - sunny
13. werewolves vs vampires - vampires
14. healthy & poor vs sick & rich - healthy
15. cakes vs doughnuts - cakes
16. school days vs working days - working days
17. dog vs cat - dog
18. single vs married - married
19. Malaysia vs Singapore - Singapore
20. China vs USA - USA
21. Paula Abdul vs Kara DioGuardi - Kara DioGuardi
22. OldTown vs Papparich - Papparich
23. Fitness First vs Celebrity Fitness - Celebrity Fitness
24. driver vs passenger - Passenger
25. beautiful & dumb vs brainy & fat - brainy & fat
26. handsome & egoistic vs ugly & rich - ugly & rich
27. insurance agent vs direct selling agent - insurance agent
28. horror movies vs comedies - horror movies
29. working for yourself vs working for others - working for others
30. Avatar vs Lord Of The Rings - Avatar
31. bus vs taxi - taxi
32. Haagen Dazs vs Baskin Robbins - Haagen Dazs
33. flu vs diarrhea - flu
34. blue vs pink - pink
35. chicken vs duck - chicken
36. dawn vs dusk - dusk
37. Tiger Woods vs Nicole David - Nicole David
38. Gmail vs Yahoo email - Gmail
39. book smarts vs street smarts - street smarts
40. foongpc's travel posts vs ghost story posts - ghost story posts

41. Blogging vs Astro - Blogging

That's my 41th question. LOL... this is getting interesting... thanks Foong!
Ok now for the good news!! Please grab this tag and send your URL to Foong.. (mystery gifts!!) he never mention what, maybe he presents himself as a gift.. hahaha... he is up for grabs? If u r reading this now, please take this tag and then send in your URL to his comment post and wait for your prize! :)


  1. Oh? You like brainy and fat?...Me! Me! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. Hi claire, thanks for participating! You are in the running to claim one of the 3 prizes! Good luck!!

    Hmm, so you are a Mahathir supporter, haha! Yeah, you like PJ!!! Gimme 5! : )

    Fuyoh, prefer sex over sleep and food! LOL!

    Hey, I like vampires too! Werewolves are no match and they are not even seductive! Haha!

    Definitely Kara over Paula - hands down!!!

    Eh, really prefer ugly and rich meh? Oh ya, smart also, most important is the money right? hehe

    Hey I think I prefer beautiful and dumb, hahaha!

    Wow! Prefer to blog rather than watch Astro! Join the gang! Hahaha!! : D

  3. Not tagging others? You can tag others and ask them to add to the list! More interesting that way! LOL!

  4. stp: we r all humans after all!! brainy, fat... thin.. why matter.. important thing is we r healthy..

    foongpc: oh.. have to tag? ok ok.. i will...

  5. Wow!! how interesting! Alamak, I in the UK sure cannot join lah. Not an entrevard member also. By the way, what in entrecard?

    I think I have to make my own competition with lots of giveaways. Then i can syiok sendiri. LOL!! X

  6. LOL... I did this for fun too... lol...

  7. surely, i will join :-) to join contestsssssssss

  8. fely: organize.. i sure come over..hahaha...

    cleff: good, i hop over now..

    veta: come on over..

  9. Hahaha.... so funny! What happen if you put everything to compare with sex huh? haha....

  10. Hey u like pink? I read clef and small kuching one both like blue! Avatar vs LoTR... difficult to choose ler... Hey I like horror movies too! Give me five! But hb has been complaining since we watched the last horror movies, I think 5 yrs ago. Since then, nvr go watch liao. Hahaha!

  11. War...she has joined also? I will be the next. :p


Thank you, readers!

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