Saturday, March 6, 2010

A SMS I Will Not Delete

Went to sleep at around 2am and waking up to receiving a beautiful sms from my son at around 10.40am.... Thank you, Son for the Lord's words....yes, I have done wrong, mum here has been too distracted by something else and has not focus on Him. Worldly things have occupied my mind....

My son's sms reads...
"Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God's peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His Peace will guard your hearts and mind as you live in Christ Jesus...God Bless your day :)

Thank you, son ... See u soon...


  1. You must have melted like choc fudge! hehe

  2. How beautifully worded! Yes, this one is to be saved and cherished. X

  3. kathy: indeed it is.. i m a very impatient lady...

    gratitude: nearly.. :)

    fely: yes, perfectly true.

  4. Nice! Sweet son.

    Happy for you :)

  5. Claire, glad to know that you are feeling better now.. Whatever it is that is bugging you, I hope you've found solutions to it.. hugs..

  6. Very true, Claire... I agree that that is not one to ever delete. Print it out and keep it close to your heart.

  7. Very nice words, very wise son.

  8. Yes, always pray... Always makes one feel better that Someone's always there...and there always Someone to turn to. Ref. Footprints in the sand - He will carry us through every storm...

  9. chvoon: sweet.. haha..i wonder how he will react to tat..yes, he is sweet!

    merryn: *hugs* i m ready to take up that challenge.. que sera kathy said.. :)

    betsy: yes, and will remind myself of that...

    patty: thank you.. thank God too!

    pete: only mother not so wise :)

    stp: yes, whatever happens, God is there with us all the time.. just have to reach out to Him..

  10. That's so sweet from ur son. i m wondering when i can get one from my dotter..hehhehe

  11. sure u day..when she grows up..she will pamper u! :)

  12. Your son is so sweet for giving you this..I'm sure the words work wonder on you.

    The sms you got at the same times also remind me a lot, for not to worry but to submit everything to God to let him handle...

  13. *goose bumps*

    I think you are very proud of your son. For him to think that way I am amazed and as a mum, will be so assured of his walk with God.

    And for him to tell you, your relationship with him is very close and open.

    Good job mum. Praise God.

  14. Perhaps He sent this message through your son? :p


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