Sunday, March 7, 2010

Korean Tok

I love this picture, in fact my motive is about the one behind my sons... :p This picture will reminds me of where it is taken, the get-togetherness dinner in Riche Montana Korean BBQ Buffet. hahaha.. I wonder why that name is named, it sounds so country-like theme instead of korean.. it should be Kimchi-land or Koreanato Kimchi BBQ... doesn't that sounds more korean like? hahahaa... so much for crapping... cos today my mood is better.... God is good!


  1. Hehehe...Claire ah, that chef behind the boys look like he's been enjoying this buffet for a long time, hor? hahahah

  2. wenn: sure is..

    fely: u r funny..hahaa.. i bet he does!

  3. Hmm.. hows the food over there. What is the charges like per pax?

  4. joblessgirl: Per person is 29rm ++ and if u sit upstairs it is 26++...

  5. actually mean that the focus of the picture is between your sons lar? :p


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