Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's A Heartache...

It is 8.04pm now... here I am again in front of my lappie, recalling back my "today."

Today three of us chinese ladies gave the office staff a Chinese New Year breakfast makan . Three against the number of fifty people and we ended up paying around RM100 each for the feast. Sigh.. here I was trying to save money and then today I had to fork out the one hundred. Well, u can say it is a once-a-year affair, right... once a year so.. don't be so calculative...right?

But I felt heartache.. why? Because my own staff in my department was not many, only 8 of us... the rest of 40 people came from the other departments. Moreover a few of my staff were not present today so basically, I did not treat my own colleagues but others who I don't know well.

I shouldn't have joined with the other two chinese, I should do one separately for my own section only. With only ten of us, we can order KFC (kentucky fried chicken), furthermore I think they will enjoy and eat happily ever after. Correct? :)


  1. Where there is free food, who doesn't want to eat?

    Next time, don't be so generous, just invite your own dept nxt time.

  2. Gosh, open invitation to others is like Malaysia's open house..... berapa banyak pun gasak!

    Well, looking at it positively, you've probably just gained a lil' more supporters at the workplace. ^_^

  3. hmmm... ya lo, just invite own team. anyway, done already, dont feel bad about it. think about it as you donated lo. smile oh :)

  4. jessie: hahaha... just ranting out..

    gratitude: too bad some of my staff were not around today...

    irene: yeah.. anyway over already..

  5. Well...claim from the company then. :p

  6. Well, you did a kind act today! Even though it was painful on the wallet, you were very generous to your co-workers! Thats to be admired.

  7. Never mind! Like Cheryl said - you did a kind act. It's only money... The good wishes, all the good vibes...will certainly be good for you! Be happy!

  8. I guess the thought will count.

    Food doesn't have to be expensive for people to enjoy.

    So next time ya, KFC!!! ^_^

  9. hi reanaclaire
    ya i think personal treats - and directly better.

    btw do u have facebook? if yes, do find me there. im now more facebook than blog :)

  10. tekkaus: if company is mine, sure claim::)

    stp: dont worry, be happy? hehee.. ok ok.. i will..'

    shingoT: yes, next round KFC, finger licking good..

    quachee, ok i will look for u in facebook.. seldom use it actually..

  11. Sometimes, unexpected stuffs like these pops out all of a sudden. Tak apa la... you generous, people also generous with you lor... :))

  12. agnes.. i m not that generous one.. sometimes feel sum toong also..

  13. Ya lah Claire, maybe next time just do it withing your own department. Quite a lot of money to fork out, even if it is only once a year. But your generosity will be paid off, one way or the other X


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