Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Xpenses Overcome Income

Few days ago, I was sitting down quietly at my table, with a pen in my hand, I jotted down all my commitment expenses. Debit one side, credit on another. Credit is my salary... debit are my expenses, am I correct?

After a long list on the debit side, I realized I was left with only a few hundred ringgit for myself... sei moe? Commitments are getting "heavier", even with my pay rise, it does not have a benefit effect on me, in fact, more instalments to pay than ever. I want to cut down on the expenses such as these...

Astro? (but i want to watch badminton live)
Streamyx? (lagi cannot, Internet is my crazy passion)
Insurance policies for 3 persons (long term)
House instalment (long term)
Body Massage (committed for a year, crazy me!)
Petrol (300rm.. must cut down to 200rm, hopefully can!)
and the list goes on... electricity, tuition fees, telephone/handphone charges.....etc...

I came to a conclusion - I am a poor financial planner, lousy planner. I cannot afford to simply spend anymore, something which I have been doing. Spend first, suffer later.. gosh!

This year no more traveling plans... (KL, Penang can still consider :) but definitely no more overseas trips for now!

I repeat - I am a poor financial planner ... period!


  1. I understand your situation fully. I was in your shoes. However, I slowly managed to control my expenses. Litlle things like utility and insurance are unavoidable.

    What makes us tight is that when we start to take loans such as, taking uneccessary personal loans, taking car loans for 9 years and taking housing loans with very little deposit when we bought a house. Finally, credit cards debt that seemed to be endless.

    It is time to check ourselves whether loans and credit cards are necessary. Be smart. I have gone through those stages and I am glad that I am financially happy.

  2. I trying to do the same too. But some of those can't be simply been cut

  3. Can fully understand ur position...As for me, being a housewife now is not a good choice for me, but no choice,nobody help me takcare my boy.Or else,I prefer to work...earn some income for myself.

  4. next month petrol price going to increase soon. I guess it is difficult to cut down... from rm300 to rm200. if you can maintain rm300. it is good enough

  5. petrol can be cut down from rm300to rm0...naik basikal...a new way to excercise..but medical fees might increase la :p

  6. I'm debt free. I spend within my means. Just have to remind myself that my 'wants' are not my 'needs'.

  7. I am a financial planner. you need my help ? :)

  8. I think and hope my financial will be better after my wedding day .. *finger crossed

  9. *hugs* wat happen claire? *hugs*

  10. I was in your situation too. We are all poor planners when it comes to managing our financial affairs. But, I had terminated all my credit cards and opted for a Debit card instead. I think it's safer to shop with the money that you have rather than an illusion the credit card provides. :-)

  11. willie: i m using only one bank credit card.. dare not think about the others..

    BF: yes, i went thru and thru and dont know which one to cut.. :(

    mery: if your spouse can take care of the finance situation, then it would be much better if u stayed at home..looking after yr kids when they are small is a blessed time for them..

    chvoon: oh no!!! again? hopefully not! sigh...

    smallkucing: if malaysia has a weather like germany, then this idea might work!

    anony: guess astro is my Want? :(

    elaine: am i going to get charged? a cup of kopithiam coffee can? :p

    kris/nadia: congratulations. when r u going married?

    merryn: can lend your shoulder to cry upon?

    tiee: maybe i will have to do that too one day.. let me recalculate again...

  12. Actually it is because whenever there is payrise, our lifestyles change....upgrade lah....then suddenly found out overspent!

  13. Sound just like my hubby heheheh. he keep asking me, What else we can cut?. TV?(nope), Cable?(nope). hahah and so on. Memang susah kan.

  14. Realizing that you have a problem is a GREAT first step, Claire. It happens to all of us at one time or other.

    You are on the right track. Writing out a good budget and then sticking with it is the key. AND-paying for things as you go is much better than using a credit card.

    You may need to cut out things that you truly do not NEED. You can do it... Just make a commitment to yourself and do what needs to be done.... Good Luck!!!


  15. pete: if one is wise in budgeting, there will be no overspending.. i need to revise back..

    sjb: i pun went thru one by one.. cut this or that.. but none was cut yet!

    betsy: it is all about self discipiline and sacrifice.. if can do that, expenses will be less.. yes, i have to go thru once again what is needed and unneeded as well :)

  16. Sibu, can consider! Also overseas trip what - South China Sea! Cheap airline is having a sale now - booking for flying after 25th September. KL to Sibu only RM29.00... What are you waiting for?

  17. wah..this offer sounds so aggressive one.. hahahaha.. more like a demand.. dont go also cannot... ok, who wants to join me to go sibu?? mandy? elin? Merryn? cleff? :p

  18. great that you realise of this matter! planning and strategies it and you will be fine! :)

  19. I definitely will have to agree with smallkucing! hahaha.... I guess everybody has their own financial situation to be taken care of. Of coz, self control is very much a challenge. No overseas travelling, no spa, no facial appointment, no more secret recipe desserts..... Well, can you do that? haha... Btw, I've left something for you. Pls feel free to drop by to collect it.
    Have a nice day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  20. bigboysoven: i have to do a thorough revision over my balance sheet one of these days! :)

    mamamia: like in Michael Jackson? :)

    Kristy: less outings, less petrol, drink in the office, dont go out.. this is one of the ways to cut down cost and weight! hahaha.. ok, i hop over to yr blog now..

  21. Thank you ReanaClaire for visiting my blog.
    Yes, with all this inflation and rising costs, we all have to try to spend within our means.
    The reason why my streamyx is at the lowest speed which takes forever to download and upload.

  22. i believed u have managed well..ohterwise how to send 2 sons to university? dont work yrself too hard. God has bless you. Continue to bless others

  23. thechairspeaks: whatever it is, i got to spend within my limits, got to watch out for that..

    rachel: thank u... this is the time that they need more money than their schooling days.. so i guess the change is there..

  24. GOD is our provider Claire.. :)

    It's true that the higher our salary is.. all expenses also increase.. ha-yaaaaaaaaa..... got few hundreds in hands is a good sign....

    how if debit is higher than salary??? Chia-latt ....


  25. hey sister, you forgot to add some blogging money that you earn by blogging, right? that one lagi terror,, in USD one ,,,, keep blogging keep blogging, keep that money coming in

  26. cathJ: money finishes fast nowadays.. take out, habis, take out again, habis! :)

    eugene: 3usd..2usd.. add up.. enough for my daily breakfast.. hahaha.. but of course better than nothing.. hey, writing paid posts need brain one u know.. hahha...

  27. That's why have to do budgeting. :p

  28. Petrol cut down to RM200 can if you drive a Kancil :D

  29. tekkaus: yes..on and off must draw a list out..dont take for granted.. :(

    healthfreakmom: really or not? but nowadays no more kancil too.. viva ada! i go for viva then..

  30. me too!! Spend first, suffer later. Oh dear, I have one more overseas trip, end of the year and I need to find source of income for it!! Hopefully my plan goes according to plan.

    For now, I wish my hubby's project (house construction) would be successful and he can cover our year end vacation with that! :p

  31. rose, i m happy for u..when i hear anyone going overseas i feel the excitement too.. hahaha.. maybe hearing it makes me recall my own happiness of going.. but this year, i am going to sit still .. :(

  32. yeah, not ez to send 2 kids to uni, especially when you handling all by yrself. u wonder woman, u should be bangga on yrself. im a poor financial planner too. shucks!

  33. irene...hahhaa... u made me laugh. i m on top of the world now for being a poor financier..hahaha..

  34. I know the feeling! We try very hard to control our expenses but sometimes it does seem like we are getting nowhere. But be patience and keep working on the debt. You will be grateful when the credit side gets bigger!

  35. cheryl: yes thanks for the advice.. i m trying to work out my budget again :)

  36. Good thing one of ur boys r working edi. Slightly less burden for u.


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