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My Morning & Evening Gifts!

An early morning yummy gift arrived at my table, early in the sense that it was just after 8am, I heard footsteps approaching my cubicle, from the corner of my eye, a lady was walking towards me... I looked up, saw her holding the tupperware and I knew... YES!!
Something as fabulous as these!!!

ELIN, what can I say???
folks, what shall I say? :p
Don't be jeles, these are mine... hahahahahaa....
*laughter like Sek Kin*
I took a piece cos Elin said leave the rest for my girl..
*sure, anything for our kids, right?*

When I reached home, the first thing were to check my letters, mostly BILLs.. and more BILLs.. but today there was a card awaiting me.... aha... actually I know who liow.. actually she meant it for a surprise but realizing that I haven't mentioned about it last week, she couldn't help asking me during the weekend.

Thank you Fairy, for this Lighted Up Railway of Kuala Lumpur. Though it didn't come as a surprise, I am indeed touched by your thoughts!
(Actually I know about this even before u asked me....hehehehe... I was hoping I am included in your list then!)


  1. Wah,thats durian cake? Hows the taste like?

  2. caroline: yes..cheese cake and nice postcard from my blogfren...

    joblessgirl: cheese cake! :p with mango jelly toppings..

  3. Those are cheese cake? :p I thought it was durian ice cream.

  4. wats dat sis? durian for breakfast?

  5. tekkaus: not durian la.. mango cheese cake.. very yummy...

    chrisau: mango la.. took one piece this morning, very filling and nutritious..

  6. jeles sei ngor la...I love the look of the cake..without the cheese. I remembered one friend's mom used to make cake with a layer of jelly on top with fruits. That was delicious

  7. Nice to receive some little surprises now and then.

  8. alamax.. why ppl say durian? I jeles to the max here leh! can send some over ah? lol..

  9. waaaa... looks yummy la the cake.... drooling... T_T

  10. Elin and claire, you 2 2 much liau. The minute i left , so many good cakes , vely jeles....itu macam punya kawan meh ? cheese cake ?? ya...

  11. LOL... tot wanna give a little susprise... mana tau u din receive... =.= I tot I wrote address wrongly or wud. :(

  12. kathy: u dont take cheese? last time i also dont take..but after knowing elin, i have learn to eat cos it is not very saltish as in secret recipe..

    patty, yes, u r right.. it brightens up the day,esp Monday...

    merryn: next time buy a 2nd house in Ipoh.. .hehehee...

    cathJ: yeah, i quickly wallopped one immediately..

    may: u jau poe already? hahaha..

    cleff: no, addy correct .. only my postman is like snail..:p thanks!

  13. What department are you people working in hah? Ask them to transfer Elin to Sibu - can stay spare room at my house...and she can cook all the nice nice things for me to eat!

    Hehehehe!!! Now there are 3 of us, getting postcards!!!

  14. Jor hang fook..morning has such a lovely cake for breakfast

    then followed by a greeting...envy jor***hehhehe

  15. Hehe, everyone thought is looks like durian... typical Malaysian, loving durian all the way.

    Post cards are nice to get, regardless of the era we're in. Though slow, they add to that personal touch.

  16. First of all, i want Elin to be transfered to Penang, second of all, why are you so Ho Men one, got people give you things one, third of all, who says i cannot get jelos,, i betul betul jelos ni

  17. stp: broadlight kidnapping ah?? cannot, cannot.. elin is a treasure here.. :) why dont u ask me to get transferred there instead? i m a good tester u know!! :p

    mommyling: thank God for these blessings, right? :0

    gus: perhaps my fault, i never wrote what type of cheesecake and the pic was quite misleading too! :p

    eugene: now what..? u wanna kidnap elin to penang too? hahaha.. have to wan-to-som with stp la.. 2ndly, not hoe mian, im wai sik ma, 3rdly, jeles ah? of the food or of the postcard? hahaha..

  18. What fun and what happiness. You have a very nice blog! Have a great week! :)

  19. waaaaaaaaaa i lao sai hao sui oredi leh ehhh btw u r the only one i follow both of ur blogs....just realized it myself hahahhaa

  20. Luisa: thanks for coming by.. :)

    manglish: so what shall i give u as a token? for being a follower for my 2 blogs? hehehee...

  21. Wow, early morning got mango cheesecake... u r so lucky to have nice friends araound!

  22. Eeeeee I'm so soooooo going to Secret Recipe tonite. I'll blamne the weight-gain on you! :P lolz

  23. serene: yes, good frens are hard to come by.. food frens.. hahhaa..

    gratitude: dont worry, u have company! :p

  24. yah man, yr fren is really GOD sent! mango cheese cake? aduhai. bahagia!

  25. You have wonderful and caring friends!

  26. jelesnya!! Mango cheese cake and postcard. I love mango cheese cake. YUM!!

  27. annie: wanna try next time? :p


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