Sunday, March 28, 2010

Different Taste In Astro

"Different Taste" Eatery Shop...
this picture depicts the direct translation

Last night we had our dinner here, my evergreen classmate from Rawang came to visit me yesterday and together with another classmate and my kids, we went to this shop in Bercham. The name of the shop, Different Taste means u cannot get their dishes elsewhere... something like that, something is different here and they are famous for their claypot dishes.

While waiting for our turn, (it was quite crowded) it is capturing time with my camera... Can u see AhZian behind? I mean his image poster la..
My "brother" and "sister"
ahem... cough cougghhhh..
someone reading this said "Cis!"

our favorite dish

clams or lala as we called it..

their signature dish.. "Sar Chui" fish
crispy fried till head and tail also walloped!

some spinach to balance up...

their signature toongfun with fishlets
this is a MUST! The soup is very
and first time we ordered this crab rice..
the aroma of the crabs being absorbed by the rice..

The price came to RM126!!
We feel it was a bit pricey though
Well, what to expect?
Anything recommended on Astro already
will be more expensive than before, right?


  1. RM126 is considered quite reasonable by looking at the type of dish ordered. My whole family had dinner at the same restaurant 5 years ago. We only ordered 'Tung Fun Hai' and several ordinary dishes and the bill was RM99.

  2. tekkaus: mari to ipoh.. lots of lala..

    mingna: that shop is actually charging quite costly... maybe now more famous?


  4. 126 is quite okay for 5 dishes lor...:D looks nice ler. make me hungry mia...

  5. Wonderful photos. You sure know how to have a fun time when you are with friends and family!

  6. ah, nice food worth it. rather than pay so much in a hotel setting and still not as nice. ;p

  7. nyummmm nyummmmm.... sure around there la... for 5 people right??? :)

  8. Reanaclaire = food food and more food! lolz

    CIS! hahahahahahahaha

    Have a wondereful new week ya! ^_^

  9. The dishes look really good - love seafood

  10. No thank you. I don't want the spinach. I want kangkung instead, and a plate of sweet potatoe leaves for my sister smallkucing, please. LOL...

  11. caroline: come, come!! come jalan jalan in ipoh...

    medie: price ok? then ok lar.. :P

    cheryl: not often we do that, once awhile we do..

    tuti: seldom go hotel pun..*shy*

    cath: yes, right, 5 ppl, so should be reasonable? ok... i guesss...

    gratitude: food display.. hahaha..

    evelyn: me too.. esp crabs..

    cleff: try to eat and try everything, u will get used to it.. :p ... now u r mummy.. any vege also must try, ok? :p

  12. What fish is that? Ikan lumek - the ones with little2 bones that they say can be eaten?

    Food looks really good...but the name! If I say, "Eeee...ikan ini rasa lain lah!!!", it probably means it has spoilt...and has a peculiar taste! LOL!!!

  13. STP: i am not sure of the name.. ikan apa.. but they were so crispy that u can eat the head and tail minus the backbone, of course, unless u have sharp teeth to grind them! but the name.. yeah Rasa chinese is Taste Not Same..hahaha.. so meaning u cannot get this type of taste elsewhere. The food does rather taste peculiar come to think of it! :p

  14. hmm... this is making me hungry....

  15. Wah... the lala looks good!! Got crab got fish... consider ok ma... Not too expensive la... :)

  16. singaporegirl: seems we all love seafood!

    janis: i m hungry too now, no breakfast yet...

    agnes: ok ah? i m not too sure.. then ok lar.. hahaha.. dont bother la.. must go exercise nowadays, eat so much ..

  17. always have this kind of 'sense'..I mean know where is the good food. Sure your nose got Food really yummy..

  18. So long didn't buy Sar chui fish to cook already.....lots of work preparing the fish one by one to fry....LOL!
    Will check out this place when in Bercham next time. Agree, the price is a bit pricey for an eatery in IPOH

  19. Wow for that price, it's a steal! You certainly can't get it KL! I want those crabs:D

  20. alv: actually i only know of a few shops here in ipoh that offers some tasty food.. still learning from other food bloggers..

    pete: yeah, i think this type of fish is cheap in the market, only that i seldom buy too cos must be lots of oil and eat instantly.. otherwise not so nice..

    jeannie: steal? hahaha.. then do come by to Ipoh...

  21. goodness .... yum yum yumminy yumz !! hahaha

  22. WAH!!! I love all the dishes!! All look yummy!! Next time we eat at this place ok? *but don't know when. sigh sigh sigh*

  23. joanna: want to go there one day? :)

    rachel: ok la.. depends on individuality..

    annie: ok, I KIV this as our makan place.. :)

  24. recommend by mag and newsppr usually more expensive one. :(

  25. Hi Claire, i will go back London on 15th Apr.

    After seeing a lot of foods posts from your blog, finally i can taste them now by myself :)

  26. Hmmm...the soup looks special to me; never try b4 (so is Rasa Lain) to me. Next time b4 I came to Ipoh, I must called u to ask where can I get there. Pls be my GPS ok or not?

  27. kathy: next time we go for the not-yet-famous ones... but then not so tasty, hor?

    kikey: good..then u must makan puas puas before u go off! :)

    amy: just call me.. no problem.. will lead u there... :)

    outofblue: yes, they were..

  28. hey, the 3 of you do look like siblings lah....hehehhehe. I can see that you like to go everywhere to enjoy good old ipoh food eh?

  29. barb, pleasing me ah?? hahhaa.. thank u all the same.. yes, when they come back, they want to eat good food.. that is why i cari duit thru my blogs.. :p

  30. i like the lala dishes... must very tasting for sure.

  31. chvoon: most of us seem to like lala... why ah...

  32. Yummy!
    Such a long time I did not eat Sa Zhui fish. I like it to be fried and eat just like that...nice!

  33. wau..the claypot crab rice look tasty, will try it on next round.

    i have some other dish review in my blog, feel free to visit.


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