Sunday, March 28, 2010

Calling All Mommies With Babies!! Help!!!

Mommies... help our blogfren, potential doctor, Jason!! He needs a young baby, preferably born by natural birth to be in the part of his project.... NO, he is not going to practise on "dissectology", he only wants to record the baby's grown for the first two years. All he needs to some time to chat with the mother about the baby's progress.

It sounds interesting, I am sure mothers would love to hear a word of advice or opinion from our Doctor-to-be as your babies progress in their early months/years.

Too bad I am too old to have a baby, otherwise, I would love to help Medie... (ahem) LOL....

So the least I can do is to "shout out loud" here for all MOMMIES staying in Klang valley, preferably.

More details, log in to his blog....

This is not a paid post! :)


  1. Count me out. I'm not planning to give birth again. LOL... and I dunno anyone who gave birth naturally...I mean, my son is already 5 though I gave birth to him naturally.

    Merryn, Cynthia and Smallkucing are in the C-sec club, I tink.

  2. Hey Claire. hope you're doing great.
    nope.. i don't have a baby to help Jason. Haha!!!

    anyway, hope you're doing great. sorry, been busy working. =D

    back to back, watching babies grow.. is fascinating =D

  3. I am not a mommy. Cannot help. :p

  4. T.T sad sad... no hope jor?? T.T

    btw, thanks a lot reana!

  5. I would have qualified, a few years back, that is. LOL... now anak oso sudah besar. LOL...

  6. Wahhh... so many go for C-sec ah?

  7. sorry medie,..seems everyone is not eligible so far.. either babies have grown up or mostly c-section. those with normal birth, did not come in yet to read this... :)

  8. @ Cleffairy : You miss me out. I m the C-sec club as well..hahhaha. not once but twice..

  9. mommyling: me three timeS!!! so now..who is the oldest C-sec mommy of them all?? heehhee..

  10. i would like to help yr friend, but i dont fit the bill. Philip is already 2.5 yrs old

  11. rachel: too late.. maybe another time! :p


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