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Where The Heck?

What is the name of the disease.. er.... that one .... er.. cannot seem to remember ....

1stly, I cannot find my comb, I remember after washing my hair, i combed.... and now I cannot find it! Where the heck is it??
2ndly, my colleague gave me a tupperware cover yesterday, I put it in my car, just beside my handbrake, now it is missing! I cannot find it....Where the heck is it???
3rdly, my pendrive is missing... looked high and low, I cannot remember where I put it but at the back of my mind, I remember seeing it somewhere. Where the heck is it???
4thly, I cannot remember whether I lost some money or not.. I remember having a few hundreds in my drawer, now they are not there..... so ...... did I spend them???? Or have I put them somewhere else???
I Really Cannot Remember! sigh....


  1. Have you struggled with being too busy? You're not alone. Why is our culture so obsessed with being busy? We see it everywhere, including many of the everyday pleasantries we take. So, just take a closer look at everything you do...

  2. Claire...u owe me RM1.0M buck up fast fast..

    *Better take advantage of Claire while she tengah blur*

  3. You need to carry a small writing pad and pen and jot down where you put these items. The lid probably somehow went under the car seat. What did you do after you combed your hair? You may have had the comb still with you and laid it down there. I'm sure they will all show up someday, someplace, except the money, not sure about that, hopefully you spent it and no one stole it.

  4. Claire... you're supposed to send me a lot of money. say you wanna send me a million, remember? Last nite u say wan!

    (smallkucing is rite, must take advantage... wakakakakakakaka...)

    Jokes aside... what's on your mind, Claire? I am forgetful too... I tell you what you need to do. Write notes to yourself so that you would remember. i do that all the time because my memories are not that good either.

  5. I thing this is what they call...amnesia? :p

  6. Dimentia? Alzheimer? Menopause?

  7. mingna: is it due to busyness? perhaps u r right..

    smallkucing: btw, who r u? i cannot recall la..
    *face blank*

    patty, found my comb on the ironing board.. :p wonder how it got there.. yes, a small book is a good idea.. the one we write our debts...

    cleff who??? did i say i send? i cannot remember who u r too.. how come i owe u and small kucing money?? :p
    yes, as patty said, must carry small notebook the 555 booklet! :)

    tekkaus: yeah.. that and many.. as suggested by stp...

    stp: menopause too? gosh! ok ok.. one of the mentioned.. i suppose! and.. and.... yo..cannot remember already!

  8. *sigh* Claire... must carry a notebook or a post it wif u. I do this all the time cuz I'm rather forgetful-too many things in my head.

    And it's dementia. LOL..

  9. ehhh tat day u said wana send somethign to me...wat oredi har? u remember or not? hahahaahha money is it?

  10. hahaha. u have to calm down! too young to have alzheimer's or dementia lar.

    waiting for my baby ler. please help me leh... :P

  11. cleff: must find out the real cause.. too busy with our biz.. perhaps we need a manager? :)

    manglish: oh, i think u r one of my borrowers.. let me think.. yeah, u owe me a debt of 500K, right!!!

    medie007: gosh..sorry sorry.. i do it this evening!!

  12. claire

    I worry in your condition, if carry buku 555, the book will be missing too :p

    Maybe you just not enough rest ler. Rest more.

  13. Dear, you need the other half to help you to remember. Go find one.

  14. too many things to remember and do and too little time to relax, unwind and reflect back.. happens to me all the time..

  15. too many things to remember and do and too little time to relax, unwind and reflect back.. happens to me all the time..

  16. have the same prob too.. i guess i need the 555 book also else ppl will say i go CHI SIN edy, or they say LOU YAN CHI NGOI CHENG

  17. God be merciful to Claire...LOL...Biasa lar sometimes we tend to forget


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