Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Humble Meal

I remember mentioning that I would take more vegetables than meat.. I wrote that I would cut down meat intake... but did I mince what I wrote?

was this my plate of rice?
all vegetables?
or was it this.. ?
eggs with minced meat, potato chicken and a fish paste brinjal...

One of these plates belonged to Elin and one to me... guess which one belonged to who... got prize one, correct guess, come to Ipoh and I treat you out for Makan... (chap farn) hahhaaa...

Sorry, tonight the brain not working too good.. thus the crappy post.. I go snooozzze for a while first..


  1. arggghhh hungry laio...i want ipoh taugeh...the bulat bulat juicy leh

  2. :( I am very bad at guessing. But can u belanja me nevertheless? Sobsob! I very cham wan!

  3. i win i win. ;)
    you eat the one with... vegetables!!

  4. kathy: when r u coming??? hope it will be soon!

    cleff: tumpang kathy's car.. hahaha.. one shot i belanja semua!

    wenn: chap farn is common in ipoh.. i eat that when i m really too hungry..

    tuti: hahhaa.. i think u have to treat me..

  5. hahahhaha... I think elin the 1st photo.. you 2nd... hehehehhe... got prize ahhh.. nxt time I go down Ipoh, I car you...hahahahhaha....

  6. matter which answer it is..Claire still gona belanja us when we going to Ipoh..hhahah

  7. cathJ so pandai one.. ok apa nak makan? i said chap farn, so i belanja u this economy rice.. hahhhaaa...

    mommyling: u come first then only talk.. i got validity date one.. :)

  8. Alamak Claire, both also sedap!!! Make me salivate only looking at lovely food like that!! But my guess is the first one is yours. betul ka?

  9. I dowan outside food, can? Give me Elin's cooking, can? :P

  10. fely: wrong.. so no food for u.. hahahaa.. just kidding..

    cleff: that, u got to ask elin.. not me to answer.. i can only give outside food.. :p

  11. potato chicken your anak only makan.. but here he is not included.. i think.. u n elin share share the food :D so loving nya.. hahahahha..

  12. looks real healthy. lots of vege.

    so, just like in my post, I'd say eat your vege maggie... heheh

  13. Tummy rumbling... wonder how much the price of economic rice in Ipoh?!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I thot u were a good girl. hehehe So obviously I guessed wrongly.

  15. in it MODERATELY...the word is MODERATELY.

  16. TZ, Medie and I will BUY you a nice makan when we get to Ipoh, but on condition that you be our official tour guide! hehe

  17. merryn: no la.. not sharing.. both of us hungry la..

    gus: vege maggie? oh.. old post? i also cannot remember...

    alice: that one cost around rm3.00.. ipoh standard...

    slavemom: good girl? thanks for comment,. but obviously u took back the comment..hahaha...

    rachel: yes, madam... yes..!!

    sjb: can finish or not.. :)

    gratitude: wah..very pressurized hor.. but can la.. give u some tips.. and directions.. boleh la!

  18. Boohooo... Elin looks garang. I takut ask her. Sobsobsob!

  19. Your veg dish looks nicer than Elin's chap fan... LOL!!!

  20. cleff.. mana garang.. if garang, i pun takut :p

    stp: u got it wrong..that belonged to elin la.. mine is mixed.. haha.. so u did not win my chap farn when u come next time.. (u r relieved!) hahha..

  21. they both look gorgeous anyway. i though i am a fan of meat. couldnt live without it!

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Game FreakZ

  22. I sked...usually I sked of ppl who pandai cook wan. LOL... Dono why!

  23. hahahhaha, my guess is correct, second picture is yours. Anyway you still hutang me a lot ipoh coffee. hahahhahahaha

  24. cleff, no need to be scared.. mama claire is here ma.. right? :)

    annie, u can drink cups and cups of coffee.. as much as u want.. just come!


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