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Think Before We Speak

What the Bible says is very true...I forgot which chapter it is but something like this it says...
"All food are clean and can be eaten... only words that come forth from the mouths of men (us) that are evil and unclean."
I truly believe that... as humans, we sometimes said things to hurt one another, to spoil one another's reputation without realizing it, to create some misunderstandings among friends. It has been done... it might be too late to restore back the trust. WE need to be very careful on what we say, once the words are spoken, they are very difficult to be retrieved....


  1. Terlajak perahu, boleh diundur. Terlajak kata, badan binasa. =D One peribahasa for u, Claire.

  2. Agree ...sometimes people speak with malice and after that can pretend like nothing had happen. while other times people speaks without thinking and ter-oppss.

    If genuine ter-opps i can forgive...but if malice...ihave an elephant's memory.

  3. cleff,i have to read two threee four times then only i got it.. it said.. stepped wrongly on the boat, can reverse, talked wrongly, will destroy humans.. ok got it, cikgu!

    kathy, yeah, sometimes unintentionally or sometimes too hasty.. but then too late.. words cannot be retrieved... .

  4. Oh my Claire... This verse was playing in my mind this few weeks too... hahhaha....

  5. So we have to understand the intentions of the speaker. Sometimes they say we accuse people of saying bad things about us because we are in a state of denial. :D I believe we must accept both criticism and praise with open heart.

  6. What we have said cannot be swallowed back again...and God gave us one mouth and two ears, so we should listen more than we speak! That's why I'm the quiet type... Hehehehehe!!!

  7. We totally underestimate the power of words.


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