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Use Them, Wash Them, Recycle Them

Ladies, something new to me that I wanna share in this post...
Gentlemen, u can still read and maybe u find them useful too... (i mean this information)

I received these three cuties from ML... she explained to me how these are used.

can u guess what they r for?

Yes, they are called "recyclable pads" not disposable sanitary pads. When I first saw them, I cannot imagine how a thin cloth/pad like this can absorb all our "endless blood" especially on the 2nd or 3rd day of the menses.

But according to this mommy, she said they are as good as sanitary pads, in fact, they are like diapers, absorbent. "But after using, how? Wash them up?" What a silly question I asked! My imagination runs to the bathroom scene...

Anyway, I guess it must be good otherwise they wont be on sale, right? Recyclable pads.. how about that? Anyone interested to use them, please don't hesitate to tell me... I let u try first then let me know, OK?


  1. a very interesting post claire... notice the silence??! i guess it is still quite a sensitive subject to be discussing and 'showcasing' in public but i see nothing wrong in that.

    i think it's great because these rewashable pads are obviously good for the environment and also good for the pipe system because i don't imagine stupid people will end up throwing these rewashable pads into the toilet bowl and block up the pipes (as stupid people do)

    this reminds of the time when my mother, who came from a very very poor background growing up, used to tell me how lucky i am to be living in a modern society where sanitary pads come so readily available because as a young lady she used to have to use cloth and it was not really the world's most comfortable feeling wearing the cloth especially after the discharge has turned hard and started to rub against the inside of your thighs. so i am wondering if these will be the same... but i'm sure modern technolgy would have allowed the use of special fabric to be used here to prevent that from happening. but i love the colour and the design though.

    also, how easy/ difficult would it be to wash the discharge away leh i wonder.....

  2. errr.... one question? wont the buttons hurt there????? and after a few rounds.. it wont be as cute anymore would it?

  3. i have been using them for months! and i am 90% converted coz i still use the disposable on the 1st day when the flow is super heavy. i've 2 from mamapatch and a few which i sew myself! ;) to wash them is super easy. just rinse under running water until all the blood being wash away then rub a lil bit of dynamo on the stain and soak over night. the next day, rinse n throw it in the washing machine to wash. don't scrub(berus) it ok. it not sure berbulu one! then hang it out under the hot sun to dry.

  4. merryn i suppose you won't feel the button because it'll be under the pad?

    i agree with you on it not being cute after being washed a few times?

    miche, i admire the fact that you even made some yourself. it shows that it doesn't have to be special fabric or anything...

  5. Merryn

    button will be at the bottom ler. Wont feel one.

    I guess Cloth Pads same as Disposable pads aren't meant to be wore more than 4hours. Thus, dont think the cloth will harden and rub against the skin.

  6. not suitable for me.

    but rewash it clean or not.

    somemore i feel mafa as well.

    the color should be dark color else

  7. LMAO... send them to me, I test them for u. But I daresay I still prefer to use disposable. No hassle!

  8. i still find it a bit 'geli' to use these pads. Imagine using it ouside, how to change and 'put away' the used one till u get home to 'wash' it? i.e. at work?

    I still prefer the disposable ones... hassle free.

  9. I use those for what leh? Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. PengPeng, frankly speaking, there is nothing wrong with these recyclable pads but whether they are practical in our lifestyle, it is another question. I remember those days our grannies/mothers used papers as sanitary pads, i remember them crumpling those square papers and folding them. During my time, i used loops and now of course, they have all designs to suit our very needs.

    merryn: buttons is to wrap round panty la! so that they wont gerak gerak... hahhaa..

    miche: what i feel is that these pads could be worn at home so that we can change and do our washing on and off, right? as kristie said, how to change them if we were outside? unless got to look for public toilet!

    smalkucing: u tried before or not? i m still not sure of the sticking part, will it move when we walk or run? :)

    chvoon: u feel mar farn? hahahhaa.. yeah, having ladies' menses is quite mar farn one.. anytime can droop.. ooopsss...

    cleff: serious? i dont mind sending them to u to try then let us know :)

    kristie: disposable pads are costly but convenient, staining the world too.. hehehe.. but these are environmental friendly.. so which u choose? i have the same answer as u:)

    stp: u ah... can use them to wrap round your eyes when u go tidur? block out some ... er.. light? LOL....

  11. Guess you gotta wash separately else the washing machine would be bloody red right? tQ

  12. i love it to bits.....

    u can get a wet bag... if u need to change outside, just store inside the wet bag. its like a normal pad. it wont be leaking one.....

    try it ...

  13. I personally think it's an awesome idea! I prefer reusable stuff, even the waste paper boxes I reused it to make toys for my girl and the daily organic waste I burried it to make fertilizer for my husband's plants!

    Seriously, where to buy this and approximately how much it's?

    p/s: Thanks for sharing!

  14. Good for the environment. How come got button one leh?

  15. bananaz: u can dye your shirts red that way! hahaa..just kidding.. how yucky it soundS.. hahaha..

    rachel: oh, u use this too? i m very curious actually..try only i will know ..

    alice: then u r really a true environment friendly gal! ok, u want to know more, contact this mommy at this
    she will give u more information..

    pete: button that it wont move, i guess..

  16. I'm a lazy person. Always wanted to try but hate the washing part.

    Maybe once tried, it will change my mind forever?

  17. Ok,, this is very good,, others sanitary pads comapanies will soon face very stiff competition lioa..and soon there will be price wars.and soon every certain days of the months, my cloth strings will be gaily decorated with colorful recyclable pads, and soon my neigbours will come running to my house to inquire about them and soon my whole building will be beautifully colored 365(cos menses comes different times for different ladies right.) and soon they after many rounds of washing, they will start pasting the colorfull pads on the walls of my condo, and soon YB Lim Guan Eng, will give me a datukship for championing the first Green Building In Penang....

    you have a great weekend now sister

  18. Oh..the lil butterflies are there..heheh. Thanks, Claire for promoting the handmade and environmental prdt.

    Oh, btw de small butterflies (cloth liners) are not for heavy flow, ya. It's meant to keep you dry and fresh daily if u have some white thingy discharge everyday...hehehe

    Any ladies who are interested can hop in to my store at under the category FOR MAMA. For Claire's blog readers, i will have some special privillege for you..heheheh.

    Claire, sorry ar, my comment turns out to be so long...ok bye for now and once thanks again!!

  19. Hi Claire..quite an interesting post and a different kind of a topic from you too.So many new things happening around and with this one more added to the list.Thanks for the details.Quite a unique discovery.Some interesting observations too by others.

  20. eugene: u certainly have a bright future in sanitary reusable pads.. i must ask mommyling to recruit u as an agent la.. paddy agent!

    mommyling: hey, no problem, i m more than happy to display them... they are cute butterflies? is that the name? hahaha.. anyway, hope they will hop over to u.. aiyah, i should have put your link in my bloggie.. cis, tonight, i do it..

    sjb: i dont know the price but go cari mommyling, she said got special discount!

  21. ehh.. must wash it wor... hmm...

  22. Agreed with PengPeng, may look like a rag cloth after a few washes. Maybe mistaken as a table cloth! lolz

  23. interesting... it really will help save the environment. imagine the number of disposable pads that will not be thrown in the garbage. :)

    but... i still can't think of how (and where!) i'll clean them after use...


  24. yay please reana... but the baby has to be in klang valley one wor... and better born naturally one...
    :D thanks ya!

    can email me at

  25. keeyit: all of us scared of the washing.. must buy a small washing machine to cater for that.. lol...

    gratitude: pengpeng is all for it.. this one must be a special cloth la.. :)

    janis: the pro and the con.. wanna start using just the panty liner?

    medie007: serious? ok i try to post it up.. :)

    wenn: yes.. new to me too!

  26. yeah... thanks a lot reana. i blanja u minum coke when we meet nxt time. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. :D

  27. I have been using cloth pads for 2 years now and love it. Initially I thought it would be a hassle to change at work but it's the same like as changing a disposable. I have spares in a little bag I sewed and a ziplock bag. I put the used cloth pad in the ziplock bag, seal it up and then put it back in the bag. Whenever I get home, I rinse them out and soak in soapy water till it's ready to wash in the machine. No stains so far.

  28. Yes, I;m serious. LOL.. u know my add... send me if u want me to review it. Ahahaha.. my friend Cheeyee says it's good, but I dono how gd it is, so let me try, den I tell u how.

  29. Yes, I;m serious. LOL.. u know my add... send me if u want me to review it. Ahahaha.. my friend Cheeyee says it's good, but I dono how gd it is, so let me try, den I tell u how.

  30. I am so sorry for user of this item.. But I really2 worried on using it... I always tempted to try but think on how we gonna wash and reuse it.. I just not ready yet.. -.-

  31. Won't it become unhygienic? :/

  32. medie007: hahha.. coke in what sense?

    dawn: great to know that.. most of us are still skeptical :)

    cathJ: i understand.. hahaha...

    tekkaus: hey.. wash la.. hahahaa.. not going to keep it unwashed, right? LOL...


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