Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank U For The Music (Gifts)

This is a gift post... Gifts which I received from my new friends I made through blogging. I cannot call us bloggers anymore, we should call each other blogfrens now... or frenggers whichever is fine. :)

Many of us have met up with each other I suppose, through our blogs we make friends with one another. If I have offend anyone, please forgive me, sometimes I just like to rant out whatever I feel inside but I have no heart to be offensive. :) OK, here are the gifts.. dont be jeles... LOL..

LV, thank you 'n' wish u all the best!

SK-thank you for these books,
dim sum, chocs n biscuits!

CJ 'n' ML - thank you to both of you
for making me smell "great!!"
These are my gifts, I am not going to name them... they might feel "shy" ... I will put their initials and do check them out if you are curious. :)


  1. Nice gifts from ur sweet friends.

  2. How nice, it's X'mas all year round. ;)

  3. You are sweeter than ants to be able to attract all these gifts :D

    You are so blessed :)

    Yes, you can call them your blogfrens or frenggers but what ever you do, pls do not ever call them 'buggers'.. coz bloggers sounds like one 'buggers' dont they? hehehehe..

  4. mery: yes, they are very nice and wonderful.. all of u are...

    smallkucing: :P

    slavemom: gift season is in the air...

    merryn: all of u are sweet, wonderful buggers.. oooopss.. i mean bloggers.. lol... lets be frenggers...

  5. Humph! Show off! People get one, so get so many! "Splash cold water only"! Hahahahaha!!!!

  6. stp: give me chance la.. to show off once a blue moon!! hahahaa..

  7. Wow Claire!!

    How very luckyto have received all those gifts!! Indeed some of the friends we met through blogging are very special and one of a kind. Which is why I'm glad I've found you too!!


  8. Hmmmm...hope u like the smell..hehehhe.

  9. Wah.. wah... wah...more gifts for you ah. Very lucky :D.

  10. fely: i m glad we found each other.. hahaha...

    mommyling: will try one of these days... :P

    sjb: yes..we r very blessed!

  11. eh? how come got buble2 1 ahh claire?? :)

  12. many gifts. :D I wish I can have this much gifts too?

  13. cathJ: now only i realize.. maybe got shaken? or what? but now dont hv..

    takkaus: accumulated gifts.. from my blogfrens.. Blessed... thank u...


Thank you, readers!

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