Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cold Chicken Feet

Getting Cold Feet? Then you must take more cold chicken feet! LOL... just kidding...

I posted in my letswallop blog few days ago, the pictures were not the same (different angles), this dish reminded me of my Hatyai days. I remember each time I went with my husband, we sure would ordered this dish. Those days, my time, there were no Internet yet.... so I didn't know how the chicken feet skin was "plucked" out from the bones...

Now I know.... seen too many emails too.... but when I was in old town with Belinda, I "actually" forgotten all about those emails and both of us ended up walloping the cold chicken feet with glee.... so nice to bite... so "crunchy?" (there is one word to slipped my mind)
isn't this yummy looking???


  1. Eyewwww.... You can have all that by yourself! Hahahahaha!!!

  2. looks yummy but i don't take chicken feet.

  3. angelbear: great huh? :)

    stp: u dont know what u r missing :p

    tekkaus: geli?

    wenn: not many people do like , right?

  4. never try chicken feet before, but the topping looks very tempting ;)

  5. Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Tak nak! Thank you very much, but no thank you. I'll join Cikgu up there. Too geli for me to take!

  6. wah.. no bones? how they did it? I'm salivating now... dang :P

  7. insaneonion: direct translation from chinese.. :p i think so.. not so sure...

    ben: i agree with u.. plus the lime was sweet sourish...

    kathy: both of us can be good testers... :P

    cleff: come on.. fear factor series is on...

    elcynthia: yes, no bones.. just the skin.. yucky? hahhaa..

  8. Ewwwwwww~ Cikkkkkguuuuuuu! Tolong! LOL... *hides behind STP*

  9. cleff: stp cannot hear u la.. he might wan to try that one day.. hahahhahaa....

    elcynthia: eating moderately is ok.. too much also muak one.. :)

  10. Oh Claire, I also love this cold chicken feet very much. But very difficult to find this nowadays and not many chicken rice store selling it. They said it takes time for the preparation and they have no time for that.

  11. Saliva dropping.....nice sour and sweet stuff!

  12. i lurrrrve this dish... what emails?

  13. Super yummy! I love chicken feet and this is one of the dish that I hardly find it here in KL.


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