Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sun Tuck Kee's Amusing Banner

Ok, dinner time at Sun Tuck Kee with AA, Gab and my girl.
(Sorry, Andy, hope u don't mind drooling over the food first, next time when u come back, u can request mama here to take u to wherever u want... meanwhile, please tolerate this post... hehehee...)

Being a "banana," (illiterate in mandarin) I asked Gabriel what the picture here says.... He told me the pig here represents pork balls and the octopus picture of course, means octopus la.. what else! hahaha....
i find this pic cute...
(sorry to muslims, this is a non halal pic)

i wonder how many of us love this!
or find it disgusting???
I love to bite them.. ngek ngek chewing..

how about another disgusting dish? LOL...

ahh..the pork balls, my girl's favorite..

and the infamous wat tan hor
egg gravy koay teow..
4 of us walloped these up.. clean..
actually not much la..
for 3 still-growing Kids and 1 elderly lady...


  1. hehe nice wat! :) liking the way the menu shown on the signboard! hehe

  2. I love balls too.. i mean.. i love fish balls.. not meat balls :P

  3. yummiezzz! yeah, cute signboard leh. seldom got see so cute punya menu. :P

  4. Sun Tuck Kee?
    In Bercham?
    There is one Sun Tuck Kee Fried Noodles Shop in Bercham

  5. This chinese writing a bit scary la. Like those chinese "fu".

    Despite everything the food looked delicious. porkball is my favourite too. these got funny smell or not? Coz some have funny smell which i dont like :(

  6. caroline : cute hor..for ppl like me who dont understand.. see pic la..

    merryn: hahaha.i know u love what balls la.. fish balls la.. what were u thinking???

    charlene: yeah lo.. cute hor.. :)

    mingna: there are 2 in town, one is sun tuck kee and one tuck kee, both same row along Loe Wong Chicken stall.. not sure about bercham, maybe branch..

    kathy: i dont know the fu or no fu.. pork balls i seldom eat, i just ordered 10 for the kids.. i no take one.. i like the octopus only..

  7. mmm the second dish... look disgusting for me.

    i like the meat ball. look nice.

  8. Oppp, chicken my hands start to shake to much...LOL!

  9. I love the baby oct too.. especially the Japanese way.. ;-p

  10. My hubby loves the fried noodles from Tuck Kee. Whenever we are back in Ipoh, he must have his fix of Tuck Kee fried noodles :)

  11. i only take the upper part of the chicken feet.

  12. ohhh ngek ngek ngek have some very powerful teeth but hor jaw tired or not after the ngek3 hahahahha

  13. LOL!!! I also know how to draw a pig like that!!! Chicken feet! Eyew....!!! No, thank you!

  14. I second Cikgu.... no chicken feet for me, please, thankiu.... GELI! Hmmm, looks like Cikgu and I can kawan... he dun like frogs and chicken feet... I oso don't like... really gelilah, Claire!

  15. Ahahahaha!! What a sign!

    Lama tak makan sini dah... I love the sotong/squid thing...

  16. The octopus are something very rare over here. Can only find in Sushi King. hahaha....

    My son love chicken feet. Trained by grandma.

  17. I like pork balls too. Especially the soup!

  18. LOL what a cute menu board!! Good for bananas like us! :) And those pork balls look huge!!

  19. Whenever we go there, we will order fried mee hun!

  20. chvoon: many like the pork balls and dislike the chicken feet.. :)

    pete: my sons also like to eat those kakis.. hahaha..

    cathJ: if fresh, they are very nice to chew on, but some can be like rubber.. cannot swallow also..

    shireen: are u an Ipohian too? :0

    wenn: i m like u too!

    manglish: ngek few times, sudah swallow already.. this time was nice.. fresh..

    stp: u know, i dont know la.. cannot imagine how to draw also.. i m artless one..

    cleff: then u and cigku are like two peas, what u eat, he eats.. so when can we go sibu?

    agnes: dont go during weekends! or go early as 6-7pm..

    mnhl: careful of the bones.. pandai juga your son.. :)

    waikeong: my girl likes the pork balls.. so that was why i ordered a few only...

    sweetwitch: memang besar, hor? i prefer smaller ones..

  21. Hmmm nice! different from the usual array of dishes usually ordered eg sweet sour pork.

    The chicken feet reminded me of the wonderful braised goose feet served at Ipoh's Mun Chung restaurant. YUMZ!

  22. Nice food! Actually, it wasn't a lot for 4.

  23. Thanks for the post..i am fond of pork chops.Got to learn another meaning of "banana" from this post.Liked the way the menus are described on the board.

  24. The sotong still ok but the chicken legs...yucks! Bluek! :D

  25. hahahahhahah...the pig and the octopus picture on the menu are so so funny!!! Lucky they didn't draw the chicken feet!

    Hmmmm...i only like the wat tan hor, the chicken feet ar...eeeeeeeeeee..

  26. eh...i forgot to add, how come today i visit three blogs also got new "home" ar?? I like your new "home" very nice and your header, look simple and nice!

  27. wow..i also love pork balls. so big and tender i bet..hehhehe

  28. I have learned of alot of different kinds of food indeed through your blog! So very different from ours but its so nice to see what others have!

  29. gratitude: wah.. goose feet very expensive leh...they really count them before serving!

    william: we got 2nd round ma after that..

    tekkaus: turns u off, right?

    annie: yeah, many find it yucky.. haaha..i thihk now trend.. all want to buy new homes for their blogs.. hahaaa..

    mommyling: pork balls are a bit harder than fish balls... but kids love to eat..

    cheryl: yes, very different and may be very fearsome to u too.. hahaha...


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