Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Name Of The Game

Here is the 10th picture!
Why? read on.....

I have been tagged by Wenn!
That is why the meaningless pic.. :p
Ok, the name of the game is... take a look in the first photo folder either from Picasa or from the hard drive for the 10th photo, tell a story about it, mention the blog that tagged me and then tagg five other blogs.
Now the story of this picture ... this was taken a few days after Chinese New Year during a barbecue party which my BIL organized. He bought all the seafood and stuff.... I took this picture when everyone was busy in the kitchen except me.... well, I was busy snapping pics ma.. so I was excusable.. !
Ok, siapa nak???? I will not tag 5 of you specifically, any one of you who wants to have fun with this, please welcome to take it....OK? Don't be paiseh or shy... FOC from me.... LOL...


  1. I am the first one. Muahahaha :D

  2. lol! unc 1st at here wor! :P haha stil dnt get it. btw, if can explain it in detail to me, i may join it. :)

  3. tekkaus: no prize one..sure no play.. hahaha..

    caroline: it is not a game la.. hahaha..just a tag only..

  4. Oh fun! I too have been tagged to do the same...

  5. I don't wanna to play either! I have seen a lot of such things in other people's blogs. I think they help to increase traffic. Other posts - nobody...but those posts, a lot of comments from all those playing the game.

    But oooo....what lovely prawns!!!

  6. cheryl: yes, i notice u been tagged few times..

    stp: sometimes i also like u, dont play one..hahha.. but i found this one interesting, have to put up pic and post about it, so why not, it is like another post to put up.. and tell the story behind it..


Thank you, readers!

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