Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Are They Waiting?

Last night I went for MSF night of eating and having fun. I am not eligible yet to be a member actually.. oh, MSF stands for Methodist senior fellowship... not a member yet but potential one. Once I reach their age, I am a member.. hahahhaa.... the youngest member in MSF, sounds good eh... but last night I could go because of an extended invitation...

getting ready...

and now everyone is waiting...


  1. guess am too exhausted and cudnt think properly now.. lol cz i cant link the title with the entire post. :(

    anyway, it seems like a huge gathering. :) i love it. hehe

  2. Because the oldest ones haven't arrived yet. :D

  3. caroline: yes..the golden boys and girls..

    tekkaus: so pandai one .. :)

  4. Waiting for the star to appear - presenting....REANACLAIRE!!!! LOL!!!


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