Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Are My Strength

Continuing from the previous "waiting post," everyone was getting ready for the worship to start.. Around 7.30pm or so, my sis and I began our praise and glory worship.... Though I have worshiped many times before, I still feel some pang of shivers inside me, some wonderful feeling... maybe the Holy Spirit leading me?

my sis and I.. we love to worship our Lord..
He is our Strength and our Hope

the birthday golden boys and girls...

then the "makan feast" began...
I had a nice time last night...
Praise the Lord!


  1. me too love to worship lord. :) I used to join the choir group in church before started working. :)

    hey i saw lotsa foods worr, dint share share?? haha joking.

  2. Is that you with a Guitar? Oh my oh my...you are the most amazing lady. Talented.

  3. Wah, like rock star.....God Bless!

  4. feee weet! why so gelap? I wanna see the rock star performing :)

  5. The Guitarist of the Year award goes to...

  6. caroline: after singing then makan.. yes, the food was abundant.. come come, share share!!

    kathy: for show only.. hahhaa.. wanna brag ma..

    pete: i should put a rock and a star there.. :)

    merryn: u also want to see the rock and the star? hahhaa.. ok ok, next time i will put them there..

    mingna: GOES TO MINGNA!!!

  7. wow...so much food !! And. yeah. you are really fill with the Holy Spirit, I believe!

  8. how come at the back got like a zink door one?

  9. How wonderful that you share your talents with all and praise the Lord!

  10. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa you ROCK!!! MAMA....hahaahaha

  11. wenn: yes.. to praise is interesting!

    chris: u were talking about the food or what? hahhaah...

    medie07: actually we were using the garden terrace, at the back is the pantry lock up... :)

    cheryl: yes, it is wonderful to sing praises!

    manglish: lol.... rock again!

  12. You play the guitar? And sing too? Ooooo....I'm impressed! Takut ask you to go karaoke liao - must be so good, later I malu...so lousy! LOL!!!

  13. Nice to wake up in the morning knowing that there is praise and worship to our Lord all mighty..

    hey you play guitar,,,,? it is time for me to strum again, so that i can play and praise the lord

  14. stp: secrets revealed.. lol.. just kidding.. not to worry, i m not that good in guitar-ing, play basic chords saja.. singing? i love to sing but frankly, voice is not like kelly clarkson one. :)

    eugene: music to release stress, yes! now i want to learn piano, any teachers out there? can teach this old lady or not....
    yes, do strum again, bro..

  15. I love singing too. But, I did better mostly in the toilet. Hahahaha......

    By the way, what's this place? Old folks home?

  16. Wah... macam concert! And you're the rock star! Fuiyoh... a very modern worshipper :-). Glad that you enjoyed yourself :-).

  17. Talented! and cool! I like to SEE lady strumming the guitar....look so cool!

  18. everydayhealy: u really made me laugh..no, not old folks! church seniors.. hahha...

    sjb: amen to that!

    boeyjoey: no no..no rock no star, just a normal worshiper :p

    mnhl: wonder who that is.. hahaha..

    hazel: yes, praising is the best!

    foongpc: drooling or not.. :)

  19. Amen! =) God Bless you!


  20. Wah rocking away eh?? Like a superstar only.. LOL!

  21. Wow...i duno u can sing n play som musical instruments..Wow..Cleff tells story and Claire sing..wahhaha

  22. cool... you look like beyond.

    you know to play guitar as well.

    very good...

  23. wow,same here I love to worship to the lord too. I am always touched to all the people who have time to the lord.
    It's always been a nice feeling that we never forget that there is God.

    hmmm delicious food too yummy..

    thnx for visiting my blog and leaving your footprints

  24. Are you the one singing there? Guess not! haha.... Btw, can you actually sing? I'm sure you're a good eater but singing....not so sure! hehe....
    Blessings, Kristy

  25. sweetwitch: no rocks thrown, thank goodness..hahaha.. singing praise songs, yes.. :)

    mommyling: and mommy ling sells for us, can??? u r good in marketing and making biz ! :0

    chvoon: little bit i know only. :)

    wengss: yes, it is always wonderful to sing praises unto HIM.. thanks for flying all the way here.. :)

    kristie: seeing is believing.. so u must come to IPOH.. hahahaa...

  26. Thanks for the post.It's always a nice feeling to worship the Lord.Nice pictures too.it seems you guys had a nice time at the Makan Feast.Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  27. I worshiped the God too...for He is the reason I am here. :D

  28. wow! i love worshipping too.. you two look great in worshipping God:-)

  29. ecommercesolutions: thank God u love Him too!

    tekkaus: great to know that! Yes, He is the reason why we r here and living...

    Veta: thank u.. great to worship Him.

  30. singing is praying twice, so the saying goes. :)
    great that you are filled with the Holy Spirit.


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