Friday, April 16, 2010

Why, Why, Tell Me Why...

After my previous post, I have learn something good out of it and I will use this post as a reminder for me, as not to do things without thinking rationally and taking more time to ponder over. Let it be a lesson for me... period!

Now that I m in my new era age, I realize that I have changed. I cannot deny that fact. Friends whom I have known ever since I was young, will vouch for this statement. They said I have changed, not so in physical looks but in character.

Once upon a time, a timid quiet simple lady... to a bold, more than quiet and aggressive woman with a tinge of impatience in her. I am that woman now! ggrrrrrrrr....... I am bold in some ways, doing things independantly, no choice. I am outspoken, I made myself heard when I get mad!! Angry...grrrrrrrrrr.....

Hormones... hormonal change, pre menopausal period.... Tai Sai , as my friends used to say... I am in this phase of life now... so if I get angry or get heated up fast, I am excusable, OK?
(ranting post)


  1. okok! totally understandable..
    my mum also like that.. (honestly, a bit cannot tahan, coz sikit sikit marah, sikit sikit marah, also dunno what she wants)
    but after then dad told us because of hormon change, so no choice loh...
    tahan loh... mummy ma... just thank god, it's over now.. =.=

  2. Poor Claire. I used to have that problem too. Give yourself time.I reflect on the times when I go crazy? LOL
    For me, since my youngest went to Korea to be with hubby, I somehow feel at ease with things now that both my daughters are growing up.
    Take it easy!

  3. Any positive change is a good change, I believe. Hi Claire.

  4. My mom also facing the same problem but now has slowing down. Better mood LOL! You take care of yourself, Claire. Try to do some work out & keep yourself busy or concerntrate in something else. Not to think too much. Just have fun & relax!

  5. it's ok to rant once in a while.. :D sorry for not being there to listen to u rant last couple of days.. been bz and under the weather.. :(

  6. donna: so... got to be patient with yr mama.. ok? :)

    shakira: it is one of those days.. moody blues..

    happysurfer: ok look at the brighter side, i will!

    kristy: bake more cakes for me!! then i will be happy..hahaa..

    merryn: i know u r busy.. so many appointments.. me too .. busy with laptop on my lap..

  7. Grrrrrrr, ops, don't like that lah....nanti jadi lady Incredible Hulk baru tau.....LOL!

  8. I believe that with your awareness, you'll never allow the bouts of anger turn into uncontrollable fits. Stay sweet ya! ^_^

  9. Finally I got some time to breathe and blog hop. =D You know what I;mm busy about la. piling and yet too less time. =(

    You are definitely excusable for that, Claire. I mean, you can't always be timid and keep whatever you felt deep inside. One day, you will explode. Besides, if you dun voice up what you feel, people will step on your head and think just because you're the quiet kind, you're very nice to bully.

    Temper, though... needs to be monitored carefully. Like mine. I have hurricane in me that can destroy things, but most of the time, I am aware of the consequences of my action, and I'm prepared for whatever that will come unto me after that.

  10. Must be because of the hormonal fluctuation. :D

  11. you have changed into a Puma ?...

  12. Anita mui;'s song oso ask the same : why why tell me why...Why ler?

  13. You know...I think it is normal how you have changed.

    Most woman as they mature...maybe also not purely hormons.....are not as tolerant to things.

    Young can still 'yan' but older feel don't want to 'yan' anymore.

  14. Been there, done that! It will pass.


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