Sunday, May 2, 2010

For The First Time In History...

For the first time in history, I did not manage to write a post yesterday. No, I am not in the remote as yet... I am still around here locally but I do not know why I couldn't log in to and even my own blog. Something must be "sabotaging" me.. wonder who.. wonder what.. wonder why... Wondering so much, I might end up like a "Wonder Woman!" Cis!

Though I couldn't log in, I did not feel any frustration or lack of "oxygen".... with this, I think I pass the "cold shower" test for not blogging one day. LOL...

Then suddenly I remember... it was LABOUR DAY yesterday... no wonder .. I being a labour needs to rest!!! hahahhaa....


  1. It is ok to take a break once in a while, we all need that :-). Good day.

  2. You addicted to blogging? Blogging can be addictive. I used to have this addiction but i got over now. Sometime i was too lazy to blog :p

    No doubt, blogging and reading blog is fun... Keep up the pace eh~ One day is okay :p

  3. Glad your blogger is ok again. Sometimes you just need to clear the cache :p.

  4. kiasumom: yea.. labour day ma.. so take rest...

    TZ: u over the addiction? so u r clean now.. good! dont go back to blogging addiction like me.. :p

    kathy: oh..clear cache? must ask son apa itu...

  5. Wah! Your blog resting on Labour Day? Hehehe!

  6. Blogger seems to have a lot of problem and bugs recently. :/

  7. me too! but just for a while only. :)

  8. rose: it seems that way.. so i rest too...

    tekkaus: u think it is time to change to stop using blogspot?

    caroline: it travels.. hahaha

  9. You can't imagine how frustrated I was when I could not edit my posts for 1 whole month!! Almost given up blogging! Luckily, I persevered and Blogger fixed the bug!

  10. foongpc: thank goodness, otherwise wont see the panda bear anymore in blogging!


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