Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sunday Crap Post About Chocolates

It has been four months since Aaron came from Italy. Time really flies fast... in no time, he will start working :) blaa... not so fast la... (saja cakap). Don't know whether he wants to work or continues his studies, I let him decide later on.

During his training in Florence, he was given 700 euro in coupons form to spend monthly on his food. No real cash in his salary, just allowance of that amount and free lodging in an apartment cum hotel where cleaning up service daily is provided.

With his coupon money of 700 euro, it was more than enough for him where food is concerned. He ended up eating nice delicious expensive food quite often and with the remaining coupons, he used it to buy chocolates, spaghetti-s (remember the "penis" shapes? he thought they were dog-boned shapes!) and other types of groceries.

Therefore when he came home, he brought back quite a lot of chocolates.....But sorry to say, one by one were given away to my siblings..... even "yee ma gu cheh" (relatives) also were left out..
Now what's left in the fridge are only two boxes... and Andy kept reminding me..."Please, those are for me, OK?" "OK! OK! Eat till u grow fat fat...... " :p


  1. hehehe... kesian him also. he also wants to eat choc le! haha!

  2. So so much money to eat!!! Those chocs look so pretty - like the baubles we hang on Christmas trees! LOL!!!

  3. Choc kenot keep long...must eat fast fast..come i help u to finish :p

  4. The chocolates looks super yummmy...

  5. I love chocolates! Last month, my hubby's elder sibling brought home some Russian Dark Chocolates, from her Harpin trip. OMG, it was so good! It tasted like eating chocolate mousse cake.

  6. irene: he scared i gave all away.. hahahaa. .this boy..

    stp: yes they looked glittering.. andy just opened another box.. he is the opener.. we leave it to him...

    kathy: by the time u come ipoh, habis liow.. hahaha.. u better plan fast!

    mery: tasted like dark chocs to me.. bitter..

    kristy: anytime chocs overseas taste better one, right? :p we r biased..

  7. I love chocolates. You can say I am a chocoholic. :p

  8. Must be delicious. They look so good. :D

  9. hahaha! u come to my house oso lots choc here. we sometimes back hometown - labuan - twice a month and will buy lots choc and wine. :) cz thr all duty free! haha. :) but then, look at me, eat lotsa choc oso wont get fat one. :/

  10. rose: if not for my pimples and my sugar control, i also wallop them like mad! :0

    tekkaus: yes, they r.. .fully creamed dark chocs..

    caroline: u mean like put inside oil also wont get fat, right? all ladies will sure envy your figure, yeah.. enough height and slim figure.. wwooooweeet!

  11. Lindor is good.


    Thank you for your interest to visit my blog and wondered what the contest was all about...


  12. aa Lindor chocolates... its pretty popular and cheap here. 2 bars for AUD6. Love them!

  13. would you believe it? i love chocolates. Chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate, cold chocolate (Milo)...

  14. Hey, you have a branded choclate name Lindt. Sure, it looks delicious.

    Aiyoh, cannot tahan already, so tempting, tomorrow I'll get myself a bar of dark choclate.

  15. fida: sorry, i dont know what contest u were talking about.. i also want to know :)

    chrislim: next time buy more from there.. hehehe.. (as if i got a share!)

    kev: i read somewhere that chocs are for destressing purposes? :p

    jessie: go go.. i will eat one later.. macam antidote..

  16. I love those imported chocolates!

  17. this was available here only for the christmas season. they were given by my customers, and then i sneaked out and buy some more haha. very nice!

  18. I love imported chocolates, they are cremier!

  19. Candy doesn't last long around this house. We all like chocolates and sweets of all kinds. Happy Sunday. Raining here.

  20. 700 euro a month is a lot!! Too bad cannot be converted into cash.. LOL!

  21. those lil chocolates look cute n nice.

  22. Hi, thanks for coming by my blog. Find your blog content interesting to read, spent a few hours reading them yesterday. One word... *8* Haha...

  23. wenn: if not to jaga my weight, i love them tremendously!

    tuti: i tot over there more choices.. over here in MY, most are local made!

    foongpc: cannot cannot..!! hahaha..

    pete: they really taste like cocoa.. more original..

    sjb: sigh.. mine too!

    sweetwitch: yeah, cannot convert.. too bad.. hahaha...

    patty: we do have a sweet tooth, dont we?

    mommyling: in no time, finished by my son...

    eugene: keep until fatt moe?

    inspiredmum1: 8 in the sense of fatt or patt? hahaa.. applies to both?


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