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Gurney Hotel Penang

After paying a visit to the monkeys, we went to check-in to Gurney Hotel. But the adjoining rooms were not ready yet. Waited more than half an hour before we went up to our 35th floor. One room was super cool but unfortunately the other room was super hot.. Complained to them and they gave us another room few doors away.

To cut the story short, the front manager was so nice, she gave us another 2 extra complimentary breakfast for the inconvenience caused, so instead of 4 free breakfast, we have 6..... Well, Gurney is not bad, huh... but then it was not our fault, we told them that so much time was wasted from one room to another that we finally settled in at around 3.30pm.

Gurney Hotel along Gurney Drive

waiting for our rooms to be ready...

our guests...

we love staying here...
the rooms are very big, jacuzzi bathtubs, 2 tables
a giant bed, a long sofa.. my room rate is RM210

took a walk while waiting for our rooms...

love the sea....

two by two...

later in the evening we went down to the hotel recreation

they went for a dip-dip

just look at the edge.. 7 floors down, dont over-swim..
but of course, no one will swim over the edge...

both having a good time..

then she realized she forgotten to put on sun lotion.. cham!

non-swimmers have a game of table tennis...

children's pool is the best.. safer and fun!


  1. Wow....happy family :) I am first to comment ! Tell me more when I see you on Monday :p

  2. ...& i'm SECOND ! - not bad either.waa...35th floor ? that means above the clouds? i didnt know got that high.Westin Stamford inS'pore is very high too.looks like at 5 stars and very reasonably priced.

  3. Wah...rm210 is worth it wor...the hotel looked so comfy

  4. RM210, corporate rate? Quite good a deal leh. The kids pool looks fun.

  5. yes, gurney hotel look good for me!

    next time i will book gurney hotel when i come to penang again.

  6. elin: yes.. u want all the minute details?? hahahaa...

    ah ngao: yes, highest is 36 floors, i dare not look down! :)

    kathy: yes, considered very cheap.. got 4 breakfast vouchers! hahhaa..

    inspiredmum: kids will love this pool, i tell u.. so much fun.. too bad my girl doestn want to go inside..

    chvoon: i booked again for next month...

  7. nice relaxing vacation! good lah, you work so hard. deserve the break.

  8. Not bad la.. we were trying to look hotel at penang town.. but at last just stay at feringgi... ^_^

  9. Good location, easy excess to nice hawker food.

  10. Wahhh, Claire... show off the beach. LOL... kidnap me go next time, ok?

  11. It's a value for money hotel right? ;) I love their infinity pool. ^_^

    Have a great new week ya!

  12. Thanks for stopping at my photo blog.
    It looks like you are having as great time! The pool that edges up to 7 stories down scares me!

  13. Oh? This is different from the G-Hotel...the one adjoining the shopping mall? RM210?, thank you. Old pensioner cannot afford. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  14. TUTI : *paiseh* i hope i have worked hard enough..

    cathJ: the beach is nice too if u like it.. next time i also wanna stay near the beach..

    pete: yeah, from the hotel we walked more than 1 km to the hawkers stalls..

    cleff: no la.. i kidnap u to Teluk Intan cukup!! hahahaha...

    gratitude: thank you.. u too, hope u enjoyed yr weekend!

    mari: yeah, kind of terrifying.. thanks for returning visit..

    stp: my fren, that is G hotel, but the one i stayed was Gurney hotel, both different. G hotel is much more expensive now.. maybe around 300rm, not so sure but the rooms in Gurney are much bigger, at least can accommodate my kids! :)

  15. We stayed here last year too. The room is ok and the price is reasonable. I love the hotel too.

  16. i didn't get to stay in a hotel in Pg..just stayed over at my bro's place..u seem to be having a fabulous time there :)

  17. Oh, thanks for the info on gurney hotel! Planning to stay there in Aug when I attend a conference :) Looks like a good choice eh? But why never show pics of your room?? :)

  18. You came to Penang again?????????

  19. Not bad wor the rate and also the complimentary breakfast for you...boleh wallop again..hahhaa

  20. nice vacation at Gurney. At 36 floor, is the view face to the sea?

  21. Great vacation and nice outing you have with your loved ones.

  22. kiasumom: for more than 2, the suites are just fantastic..

    wenn: well, at least u dont have to spend on the lodging then.. i dont have any relations in pg, too bad, otherwise will go there more often!

    sweetwitch: i tot no one notice.. hahaah.. yes, didnt snap much, a few i have but turned out not too good..

    eugene: i will be going again next month :)

    sjb: yeah, too bad i dont know how to swim..

    isley: partially sea, partially apartments.. cos sideview..

    mommyling: took porridge and little of this and that.. cannot take much unfortunately :)

    sheoh yan: yes, we love to go outings together.. :)

  23. wah....this is gurney hotel...very expensive one wor....but i like their hotel ler...very conveninent loh....below is the shopping plaza and next to it, is the makan street

  24. I thought there is monsters in the pool at the 1st glance lol XD

  25. via, i think u mistaken it for G hotel.. this is Gurney is further down the road from Gurney plaza..

    kel: wow.. u seen too many monsters movies? hahaha...

  26. wow, what a nice trip to penang. glad you all had fun.

  27. The place is beautiful.Thanks for the pictures.Thankfully the issued were looked into and you all could settle down at Gurney Hotel.Hope you guys had a good time.

  28. The hotel looks nice, and the 7 stories high swimming pool is impressive, but I can't look down from the edge, I'll be scared.

  29. barb: how nice to go for holidays again and again..

    webdesign: more to come.. hahaa...

    lily: yes, my legs turn jelly too.. i fear heights..

  30. it's great to go for holiday with the family...hehe!! for me, it's because I don't need to pay for the expenses...loL!! anyway really nice one here!!

  31. Looks like staying in Gurney is a good choice. :P

  32. I like travel n holiday too

  33. Dropping by ere. Smiles. Clicked at ur ads and have a nice day. =)

  34. did u guys check out the night market at night? all the delicious food? :-)

  35. Amboi amboi, mak and anak looks like bf and gf huh! Good lah u Claire, look so young.

  36. Clair: What a neat place to spend your off time.

  37. kianhin:what is free is good,kan?

    jfook: yes, not bad.. cos 4 of us, one room is big enough...


    lean: thanks for coming by...

    mywtk: we didnt go night market, the roads are blocked..

    amy: u want coffee or tea? hahahaa..

    fishguy: yes, it was a short holiday..

  38. Eh...Claire know how to play table tennis! Don't play play huh! haha....

  39. *Pengsan...all so expensive now but Cititel also RM200 plus...just that they gave me RM150, regular customer. Now my daughter not in those parts and I don't go anymore - dunno if they will still give me cheap next time. Eugene...your house got spare room or not? Wink! Wink!

  40. kristy: that was why i showed off.. don mess around huh.. :p

    stp: can put under your name next time i go there? 150rm is considered cheap liow.. u asked eugene ah, he lari kuat kuat first.. hahaha...

  41. wahhh, syok laaa this hotel, have to try oso laaa, hihi

  42. myreality: yeah, this one is more worth it..

  43. eeeeh, nice hotel le ;)
    the pool area really nice...

  44. it used to be our favourite hotel when we put up in penang coz the kids love the pool & the rooms then were new & cool. but over time, the rooms kinda subject to wear n tear....hope they will upkeep the place.
    our coming trip we booked G Hotel, very new one am sure u saw it...will see how it turns out :D

  45. Nice hotel! I want to stay there next time I go Penang! long as it is NOT haunted! : )

  46. The swimming pool is really nice but its quite dangerous yeah.

  47. irene: pool is thrilling.. can overlooked from the 7th floor one.. hahahaa...

    jacss: i stayed in G hotel when it was newly launched few years ago.. not bad but not as big as gurney rooms, now they have renovated some floors.. carpet all new...

    foongpc: so far, i didnt experience any extra thingy in the rooms..hahaha.. im going again this month..

    sarah: not dangerous la.. it looks like it only..

  48. time I go Penang will stay here. The kids pool sure looks FUN and the adult pool....the view must be so nice!

    We were in Penang Wesak weekend too. And agree the traffic SUCKED big time.


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