Friday, May 21, 2010


Forgive me if u drool... or do not drool.... I have to put these up because they turned out so clear from my handphone camera. Didn't want to waste the pictures by putting them aside.... :p

When the mother feels lazy to cook in the evening, she and the girl will have public food outside. It is so much easier at times... just order from your favorite stall and tell them the number of the table... then you can shake your legs and wait for the food to be served.

Isn't that better than chopping garlic at home, thawing the chicken, taking out the kuali, washing the meat and vege, cutting them up, putting oil and then "cik cak cik cak" using the ladle?? And after that, some more, got to wash the kuali properly before proceeding to another dish... Ain't that a hassle??

Husbands who read this, will knock my head for influencing their wives...hahahaa....all except STP, of course! Ok, I stop crapping.. home cooked food is, of course, the best of all!!!

Now lets take a look at this delicious MUA-CHEE....

the stall owner knows us so well already
that she gives us special one... so much nuts!

our favorite dessert
eat this before our main meal each time..
oh gosh!! we regret ordering this...
It was so "santanic" .. so rich...
even when we shared this, we couldn't finish it all...


  1. I am holding a slice of pizza in my hand now staring at the mua chee. Hehehe... Yalor.. Tonite me too didn't cook, plain lazy.. ordered pizza delivery instead.0:

  2. the ABC looks so nice but I cant take too much santan :(

  3. aiyarrrr my favourite is mua chee lehh you're killing me..

    when i went home recently unfortunately i didn't get chance to eat this.. i only had durian and char keoy teow..... i want mua chee !!!!!!!!

  4. Sure sweet lah... so much gula melaka...

  5. i love mua chee!! Yum!! That bowl of ice kacang make me drool, especially on a hot weather like now!

  6. oh.. i can go nuts with ur mua chee! and oh.. becareful.. u'll get frogs in ur tummy soon.. i saw frog eggs :P

  7. inspiredmum: pizza sounds good! tonight cell group so i ate chee cheong fun and others..

    kathy: me too.. i get angin when i take too much.. that was why we cannot finish..

    pengpeng: durian only!!! waaaa.. i havent start taking them yet.. waiting for sons to come back first..

    mingna: bad for health yes!

    annie: u and my girl have something in common then...

    merryn: frog eggs are nice u know!! very hard to get them :p

  8. waaaaaaaaaa tat ABC is really evil hahaahhaha

  9. I'm all for eating out also--especially when the food is good and the price is right. There is a buffet near us where we can eat WELL and ALOT for only $6 each (and that includes drinks and tax and tip)...

    We couldn't make huge pieces of chicken breast, lots of salad and veggies and dessert for that amount of money... SO--we usually eat there once a week.


  10. The Muah Chee n dessert make me feel hungry now...

  11. wahhhhh... this is soooo nice... totally drooling here.. ^_^

  12. Are you nuts?! Eating seeds of satan himself....

    Very evil of you, making me drool like this...

  13. i like the santanic... yum yum.
    food will make people feel happy.

  14. Wah, so much sweet, cannot finish can share with me ah?

  15. I love mua chee to bits! The soft chewy texture, the fragrance, nuts and the smooth glutinuos 'ju ju be' like sensation, simply delicious!

    Happy weekend to you!

  16. Hehehehehehe!!! Not a fan of both! No ABC for me, I prefer ang-tao peng!!!

  17. manglish: sinful? :)

    betsy: it is good to eat out once awhile.. get away from the kitchen..

    mery: an authentic dessert, yes!

    cathJ: did u try this in IPoh?

  18. gus: meaning to say, forbidden food tastes better?

    chvoon: yes, agree with u.. food makes us happy!

    pete: aiyah... ok, will keep that in mind...

    alice: this food existed ever since few decades ago.. so it is authentic liow..

    stp: can understand.. it sticks to the teeth one.. hahaha... but u know, my fren told me that only old people likes to eat this.. cos they are soft to chew.. :p

    wenn: in ipoh, i can find 2 stalls only...

  19. Ahh muachee! It's my favourite! The best is from Ming Court, Ipoh. What do you think? :P The one in your picture looks great too! Where's that from?

  20. sweetwitch, that is from Ipoh Garden gourmet square, just opposite woolley...

  21. Yoo...the Mua-Chee really makes me drooling lah!

    May I know how much is it?


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